Amex welcome bonus: 65,000 Membership Rewards points for new customers

Amex welcome bonus: 65,000 Membership Rewards points for new customers

There are currently 65,000 points as a welcome bonus for new customers of the Amex Platinum credit card. But what are the conditions attached to the bonus and what can it best be used for? We reveal this below.

The Platinum credit card from American Express is one of the most expensive credit cards in this country. Amex is currently offering new customers a welcome bonus of 65,000 Membership Rewards points. Participation in the corresponding program is free of charge. The card also offers a few other benefits that will be particularly interesting for frequent flyers: credit for travel, rental cars or shopping are included, as are two priority passes that give members free lounge access at airports around the world. All of this can be easily paid for by Amex, as the credit card costs an impressive 60 euros per month. And a minimum turnover of 10,000 euros is required within the first six months after completion in order for the welcome bonus to be credited. Is the welcome deal still worth it? And how can the bonus points be used?

The American Express Membership Rewards Program

American Express offers an in-house loyalty program, the Membership Rewards Program, where users of the respective Amex credit card can collect points. One point is credited for every euro spent with the card. Currently, you can get 65,000 Memberschip Rewards points for free when you sign up for the Platinum Card from Amex. These can be redeemed, for example, by converting them into miles or hotel points at participating partner hotels and exchanging them.

Use Amex bonus points effectively

The best way to use Amex Membership Rewards points is to convert them into miles and use them for additional flight amenities, such as business class or first class tickets. With 65,000 bonus points, you can sit in first class on your next flight without having to collect any more points. According to American Express, the number of business and first class products that can be booked is high. Amex currently covers a total of twelve frequent flyer options. The next time you fly, you can choose the right program and take advantage of the benefits.

If the American Express Platinum credit card is used cleverly, the Membership Rewards points can be used in a variety of ways while traveling. The points can also be transferred to the bonus programs of participating rental car providers or hotels and used for discounts, additional services and upgrades.

Amex Platinum for frequent flyers – convert bonus points into miles

The 65,000 welcome points can be converted into airline miles, making up to 52,000 airline miles available for certain frequent flyer programs. In many mileage programs the conversion ratio is 5:4. The Amex Platinum is particularly suitable for mile collectors and frequent flyers. Here are a few examples of one-way award flights that are within reach with the welcome bonus:

  • British Airways Economy, flight Germany – London: about 6,000 points
  • Air France/KLM Economy, flight Germany – Paris: about 7,500 points
  • SAS Economy Class, flight Germany – Spitsbergen: about 12,500 points
  • Lufthansa or SWISS Business Class, Europe – Dubai: about 50,250 points
  • Iberia Business Class, Madrid – South America: about 53,000 points

Purchases on Amazon with Membership Rewards points

With the points from the welcome bonus, it is also possible to deposit the Platinum card on Amazon as a payment method and pay for purchases on the online marketplace with the available Membership Rewards points. The number of points can be flexibly selected for each payment process.

Pay with American Express welcome points

Membership Rewards points can also be used to make regular payments, even retroactively. And it goes like this:

  1. Pay in the classic way with the Amex Platinum credit card.
  2. Then log into your Membership Rewards points account.
  3. Select the payment transaction that should be settled with points.
  4. A credit will be issued within 48 hours.

The alternative for frequent flyers: The Eurowings Classic credit card

The Eurowings credit card from Barclays also makes traveling easier for frequent flyers. For new customers, the Miles & More program offers a bonus of up to 1,500 welcome miles, depending on the promotion, which can be redeemed at around 40 airline partners. However, these must be credited to the Miles & More account within six weeks. Additional award miles are available when you use the card; one mile is added for every two euros spent on the card. The miles are valid for 36 months, after which they expire.

However, redemption is only possible from 3,000 miles. However, these can then be used for numerous rewards, such as hotel stays or Eurowings flight bookings.

Other travel benefits:

  • Fastlane access at five German airports subject to availability
  • Sports luggage such as skis, bicycles or golf equipment can be taken along free of charge
  • Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance is included
  • There is no cash withdrawal fee abroad (within Germany it is four percent and at least 5.95 euros withdrawal fee)

Important: The flight benefits only apply when booking Eurowings flights via eurowings.com that are paid for with the Eurowings Classic credit card.

Amex welcome bonus: Use the advantages cleverly

You can get a lot out of the welcome bonus of 65,000 points at American Express. Frequent flyers in particular will be happy about the Amex Platinum offer, but you can also use the points to make payments, for example at Amazon. However, when converted into miles, the equivalent value is greatest. It should be noted that the card costs a monthly fee of 60 euros, but the offer can still be worthwhile due to the discounts and benefits.

A cheaper alternative is the Eurowings Classic credit card from Barclays, which offers fewer advantages but has a monthly fee of zero euros in the first year. In the following year, this credit card is also even cheaper than the American Express Platinum credit card, with fees of 29 euros per month.

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