The Government reversed the increases in electricity and gas

The Government reversed the increases in electricity and gas

An automatic update of rates was contemplated since May, but the regulatory entities did not publish the new tables.


The Government decided that there will be no increases in the electricity and gas bills. As of this Wednesday, the formula for monthly updating of gas and electricity rates that the Government designed so that the increases granted do not lag behind inflation should begin to take effect.

However, the regulatory entities of both services, Enargas and ENRErespectively, They did not publish the new tariff tables pending a definition from the Economy.

The regulatory entities have already calculated how much the increase would be that would correspond to the companies: 10.69% for electricity distributors, 12.5% ​​for gas distributors and 12% for gas transporters.

Economy had to define if it moved forward with a reduction in subsidies for the low (N2) and middle (N3) income sectors in gas and electricity; if it increased the cost paid by businesses, industries and high-income households, and if it authorized the monthly adjustment of rates for companies.

The Government also decided to postpone the fuel increase. Based on the standard that will be published in the Official Gazette, the update corresponding to the fourth quarter of 2023 of the Taxes on Fuels and Carbon Dioxide for unleaded gasoline, virgin gasoline and dieselit will only happen on June 1st.

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