E-cars: Tesla presents “Cybertruck” in Germany

E-cars: Tesla presents “Cybertruck” in Germany

Weighing 3.1 tons and 5.68 meters long: Tesla is publicly exhibiting its “Cybertruck” in Germany for the first time. It is unclear whether the electric pickup will ever be allowed to drive on German roads.

It is completely unclear whether it will ever be allowed to drive on German roads – but the US electric car manufacturer Tesla has presented its futuristic “Cybertruck” in Germany. The vehicle, which weighs 3.1 tons and is 5.68 meters long, was available for viewing on Thursday in a shopping center on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin – according to the company, it is the first presentation to the general public in Germany. The stainless steel-clad pickup can be viewed in the “Mall of Berlin” shopping center until Saturday. Previously, the “Cybertruck” could only be seen in Germany in the Tesla factory in Grünheide near Berlin, the US company said.

In Berlin on Thursday, many people looked at the car as they made their way through the shopping center and took photos of the unusual, angular pickup. A few Tesla fans could also be seen who said they had come solely because of the “Cybertruck”.

The presentation in Berlin is the start of a European tour of the “Cybertruck” lasting several weeks. In Germany, the car will be shown in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich and Stuttgart. The “Cybertruck” has not yet been approved in Europe. The company does not provide any information about whether and when approval will be sought in Germany and other European countries.

The first “Cybertrucks” were delivered in the USA at the end of November. Just a few weeks ago, Tesla recalled almost 4,000 vehicles because the accelerator pedal could jam and the vehicle could accelerate uncontrollably. The recall was the first indication of how many vehicles of the model have been sold so far, as it affected all “Cybertrucks” built between mid-November and early April. Company boss Elon Musk said a long time ago that over time he could imagine annual deliveries of around 250,000 “Cybertrucks”.

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