almost 30% of students attend private education schools

almost 30% of students attend private education schools

In Argentina there are 3,233,724 students who attend schools Private educationwhich makes a total of 27.8%, although the particular fact is that only four districts accumulate more than 70% of the students, according to a report.

The survey was carried out by Association of Private Education Institutes of the Province of Buenos Aires (AIEPBA) and the Eduprivada.ar jobs platform, based on the latest data available from the 2022 Annual Survey (RA).

Of the total of 3,233,724 students who study in private management (27.8 percent), the majority are concentrated in very few districts.

In just four jurisdictions – the province of Buenos Aires, the City of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fe – 70.4% of the students who attend private schools attend.

In the rest of the provinces, there is still a clear predominance of state schools and the distribution of enrollment is more distributed within that type of management, according to the report.

Which province has the most students in private institutions?

The survey shows that the country has 11,620,126 students and of the 27.8 percent that attend privately managed establishments, the province of Buenos Aires is, by a wide margin, the one with the largest number of students in fee-paying schools, with 1,363,557, which represents 42.2 percent of the total management.

Then follow CABA (11.1 percent), Córdoba (9.4 percent) and Santa Fe (7.7 percent).

In state management, to achieve that percentage, they need eight provinces (PBA, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Mendoza, CABA, Salta, Tucumán and Chaco), which reveals that the public tuition is more dispersed at the federal level and that the presence of private schools is a phenomenon that is found mainly in the most populous jurisdictions.

However, when another indicator is observed, that of the proportion of students per educational service (kindergarten, primary, secondary and non-university higher education), a contrast emerges: in two thirds of the provinces there is a greater concentration of students per privately managed establishment.

Among the 24 jurisdictions, The average for state management is 177.12 students per educational service, while in private, the average is 208.66.

The difference is 31 students, which would be equivalent to one more large class per school.

The data shows that private schools are highly chosen by parents beyond the fees to be paid.


Among the 24 jurisdictions, the average for state management is 177.12 students per educational service, while in private, the average is 208.66.

Why choose private education?

“While it is true that privately managed enrollment has a strong concentration in a few jurisdictions, the schools are highly requested by families even in provinces where the presence is not so significant,” said the executive secretary of AIEPBA, Martín Zurita.

The province of Buenos Aires groups almost 40% in private education of kindergartens, schools and tertiaries that operate at the national level.

At state level, although it retains first place, its relative weight falls 15 percentage points and the distribution of establishments is more distributed among the provinces.

Meanwhile, the The City of Buenos Aires is the only jurisdiction that has more students in private schools than in state schools.

The trend, with the only exception of 2021, has been repeated for years.

What is also curious is its number of teachers per student: both in state management (1 in 7) and in private management (1 in 9) it is among the lowest ratios, only surpassed by San Luis. Its educational system has many teachers per student.

Likewise, other relevant data indicate that Santiago del Estero is the province that has the fewest students per educational service, with 94 students per level, while Santa Cruz has the most, with 296.

Source: Ambito

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