This Argentine bill has an error and you can sell it for 150 thousand pesos

This Argentine bill has an error and you can sell it for 150 thousand pesos

It is nothing more and nothing less than the 500 peso copy, and the error in the printing could make it worth 300 times more.

There is an Argentine 500 peso bill that has a printing error and could be worth 150 thousand pesos. That’s right, fans of collecting or numismatics They are searching for this specimen, and anyone could be the lucky one to have it in their possession.

This hobby has grown a lot today, and there are numerous banknotes with specific characteristics sought by these fans. Therefore, it is time for you to check your wallet and take out those copies that you thought were no longer useful for anything, you could be one of the lucky ones.


500 peso bill

What is the Argentine bill with an error that is sold for 150 thousand pesos?

The characteristic that distinguishes this 500 peso bill is in the lower left margin, next to the portrait of the small jaguar, which shows a printing error in black ink. This particularity consists of a stamp that includes some letters and a line, which makes it a highly sought-after object by numismatics fans.

But it should also be noted that the ticket must be in a good state of conservation, otherwise its value could decrease or it may not even be required.


What is numismatics

The numismatics It is the field of collectors coins and medals, mostly. Some also include banknotes under this term, although according to the Royal Spanish Academy, when talking about tickets We speak of “notafilia”. In any case, those who collect coins also usually include banknotes.

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