A family needed more than $828,000 to stay out of poverty in April

A family needed more than $828,000 to stay out of poverty in April

The INDEC published data on the basic basket and the food basket for April and the prices of both rose somewhat below inflation.


A family needed $828,158 to not be poor in April. The total basic basket (CBT) rose 7.1% last month, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC) and the increase was below inflation, which was 8.8% monthly. Besides, The food basket (CBA) grew 4.2% and $373,044 were needed so as not to be destitute.

The basic food basket and the total basket accumulated increases of 55% and 67% respectively during the year and interannual variations of 296.2% and 307.2%.

According to data reported by INDEC, A person needed $268,012 to not be poor in April. Meanwhile, a household of three people required $659,310 and a family of four required a minimum income of $828,158. If one member joins, the sum rises to $871,040.

What is the limit of indigence in each case?

In accordance with the values ​​set by the Basic Food Basket (CBA) for April, a person required $120,726 to not be indigent. This indicator recorded the rise lowest since November 2022when it stood at 3.1%.

In the case of a family of three members, the amount amounted to $296,987 and, for four, $373,044 was needed.

A family composed of five people, meanwhile, required $392,360.

What does each basket measure?

It is worth mentioning that CBT, in addition to food, includes several items of household spendingsuch as clothing, health, transportation or education, which determines the “poverty line.”

On the other hand, The CBA is limited to surveying essential goods and configures the “indigence line”: those families that do not cover the income necessary to acquire it are indigent.

Both indices are very relevant to determine the magnitude of the economic crisis in social indicators.

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