Food and drink: These wines are becoming increasingly popular

Food and drink: These wines are becoming increasingly popular

Certain types of wine from Germany are increasingly in demand. This was the result of the quality wine test. It also shows which wine is now losing market share.

The production of rosé wines has reached a peak in Germany. At the same time, the trend towards dry wines continues, as the German Wine Institute (DWI) in Bodenheim, Rhine-Hesse, announced. The increase in rosés comes at the expense of red wines. White wine is again in greatest demand.

The share of rosé in quality-tested wines increased from 13 to 16 percent in 2023 compared to the previous year, said DWI spokesman Ernst Büscher. This increase pushed the proportion of red wines down to 18 percent. As in the previous year, two thirds of the wines were white.

Just over half (51 percent) of all German quality and predicate wines on offer were dry. That was another percentage point more than 2022, but 8 percentage points more than ten years ago (2013) and 15 percentage points more than 20 years ago (2003). The proportion of sweet and sweet wines last year was at 29 percent, the same level as the previous year. One in five wines was considered semi-dry; this proportion had not changed compared to 2003.

A total of seven million hectare liters of quality and predicate wines successfully passed the quality wine test. According to the DWI, this corresponds to around 95 percent of German wine production. A hector liter is 100 liters.

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