What will the new increases in ABL, real estate and patents be like after the elimination of caps?

What will the new increases in ABL, real estate and patents be like after the elimination of caps?

The tax increase, which had the approval of La Libertad Avanza, obtained 38 positive votes and 20 negative votes. They will climb up to 265%.


The Buenos Aires Legislature sanctioned a series of modifications to the Tariff Law with the support of the deputies of Freedom Advances (LLA), in order to raise the maximum limits for him Lighting, Sweeping and Cleaning tax (ABL), Real Estate Tax and Patentsas well as its indexing by the consumer price index of the City of Buenos Aires (IPCBA).

The text obtained 38 positive votes, of the allied blocs of the ruling party plus LLA, and 20 negativecorresponding to the Left Front of Workers (FIT) and Union for the Homeland (UP).

Taxes in CABA

The initiative establishes that increases in ABL They cannot be, in any case, “greater than the amount that would arise from applying the 12/2023 Quota determined or that would have corresponded to determining the IPCBA accumulated since August 2023 up to the number of months equal to the number of quota to be settled for the tax.” Thus, the maximum tax limit is eliminatedwhich was established at 100% annually, and The amounts will be updated by the IPCBA.

However, those who have paid the ABL at the beginning of the year with the single annual feewill not suffer any update, because they have already paid the entire tax.

As for the patentsthe recently approved initiative also establishes changes in the limits, moving from the current limit of 146.4% to an update of the 264.5%. The city has 1,400,000 domains that will be reached by this measure; another 100,000 will be excluded because they made the annual payment; 650,000 will not have changes in the tax to be paid; and 650,000 vehicles will have an update of up to 60%.

Over the real estate taxes the Buenos Aires legislator Union for the Homeland, Matías Barroetaveñaassured that “would increase by 250% for all properties“.

“Our proposal seeks to lower the tax on 95% of properties. Only the 5% of the best valued properties would have increases,” added the opposition legislator.

Likewise, the updating of the values ​​of some specific concepts linked to income is encouraged. parks, complexes and sports centers from the city.

Benefits for retirees

In this same session, The exemption from the payment of real estate tax and the lighting, sweeping and cleaning (ABL) rate for the retirement and pension centers of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires was unanimously approved.

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