Almost half of Argentines have a good or very good perception of insurance companies

Almost half of Argentines have a good or very good perception of insurance companies

He 47% of those surveyed have a good or very good perception of insurance companies. Among the attributes measured about insurance, it stands out that “insurance allows you to have peace of mind in the event of unforeseen events,” while the one that generates the least affinity is “that you pay monthly for something that is not used.”

35% of those surveyed declare that they are living in the present. On the other hand, when they are consulted by their acquaintances, the percentage increases to 38%. AND The greatest feeling of insecurity occurs in the perception of old age, with 55% of the opinionsand the relationship of future perception thought about old age is stronger in the women segment, over 40 years old and in middle socioeconomic groups.

Need for protection and insecurity in different sectors

On the other hand, Travel and loneliness situations show a young trend up to 40 years old and in upper segments of the Argentine population. The immediate family nucleus (wife and children) is the ones they want to protect the most (75% of those surveyed). This is consistent with the fact that 8 out of 10 responses affirm that it is very important to protect their loved ones.

When consulted about possible security situations, The relationship with the greatest distribution is in the attributes of travel and loneliness. For travel, the perception is stronger in higher segments of the population and in male respondents between 41 and 55 years old. While When feeling alone, a tendency is shown in young women from lower segments.

Regarding the statement of what assets they would like to protect, 61% of those interviewed declare that the most important thing is House – Home. And the insurance policies best known by the Argentine population are: Life, Auto, Health, Home. They are all known to at least three-fifths of the population.

The insurance that Argentines take out the most

Regarding hiring, Auto is the most purchased by the population (52% of those surveyed declare they have it). The insurances they would like to take out (that they do not currently have) are Home (29%), Health (24%) and Life (24%).

73% of those surveyed declare that insurance is an investment and half of the population surveyed (50%) prefers to take out insurance through an in-person advisor. This is followed by the website (25%) and, to a lesser extent, the offices (14%). While 7 out of 10 respondents declare that they trust purchasing products or contracting services through an app or website, generally speaking.

On the other hand, 52% declare that the barrier to purchasing insurance in the future is due to its costs. To a lesser extent (15%), they consider that it is due to the lack of available information.

If they had to invent insurance, respondents would create one to protect themselves from “crime” and protect “pets.”

Source: Ambito

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