If you devalue or relax on fiscal matters, you will become a lame duck.

If you devalue or relax on fiscal matters, you will become a lame duck.

Juan Carlos de Pablothe preferred economist of President Javier Milei, highlighted the need to sustain the fiscal effort but questioned the effectiveness of replacing public works with private ones.

De Pablo assured that “the replacement of public works with private works sounds very nice. But where is it?”

This statement resonates in a context where current economic policies seem to lack tangible execution in various areas, including infrastructure. Regarding the potential impact of the national president’s economic decisions, De Pablo was categorical: “If Milei devalues ​​or relaxes in fiscal matters, it will become a lame duck.”

What Juan Carlos De Pablo said about inflation

Inflation in Argentina has been a recurring and worrying issue. De Pablo offered an optimistic but cautious view by pointing out that “inflation has no downward limit.”

However, he emphasized the importance of maintaining the fiscal effort made to date: “In light of experience, the most important thing is that the fiscal effort that has been made up to now is maintained.”

Dollar: what De Pablo said about the exchange rate

The issue of the exchange rate continues to be a controversial issue and for De Pablo, since its elimination is not a priority: “The issue with the stocks is that it does not have priority in this reality and economic policy is a priority.”

In addition, he warned about the risks of a sudden adjustment in the exchange rate: “A devaluation jump to solve the exchange rate delay would make the problems worse. It would impact everything on prices.”

Regarding predictions about the dollar, De Pablo was cautious: “We don’t know what can happen next month, especially with the dollar at the end of the year.”

The economist stressed the importance of maintaining exchange stability as an essential condition to control inflation: “Exchange stability is a necessary and sufficient condition for inflation to be ironed out.”

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