Conflicts: E-car tariffs: China announces countermeasures

Conflicts: E-car tariffs: China announces countermeasures

In the dispute over punitive tariffs on Chinese electric cars, Beijing is apparently preparing a counterattack. The Chinese EU Chamber of Commerce in Brussels warns of higher tariffs on cars with large engines.

In response to punitive tariffs on Chinese electric cars, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Brussels has warned of possible countermeasures from Beijing. The Chamber said in a statement on X that China was considering imposing 25 percent tariffs on imported vehicles with large engines.

This possible measure has “impacts on European and US automobile manufacturers, particularly in light of recent developments,” the chamber continued. Last week, US President Joe Biden imposed special tariffs of 100 percent on electric car imports from China.

The EU is currently investigating the extent to which China is distorting the market for electric cars. A decision as to whether the EU will impose punitive tariffs is still pending.

The chamber also referred to an interview with Chinese car expert Liu Bin in the Chinese state newspaper “Global Times”. Liu spoke of adjusting tariffs for imported vehicles with engines over 2.5 liters. This could also help China promote the transition to greener practices in the automotive industry and accelerate emissions reductions, Liu said.

In the trade dispute between China and the West, the Beijing Ministry of Commerce initiated an anti-dumping investigation into certain chemicals from the EU, the USA, Japan and Taiwan on Sunday. As the ministry announced, the chemicals in question are “copolymerized paraformaldehyde”, which can “partially replace copper, zinc, tin, lead and other metallic materials” and is used, among other things, in automotive parts, electrical devices and industrial machinery.

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