How to save up to $3,000 pesos with a DNI Account in the last days of May 2024

How to save up to $3,000 pesos with a DNI Account in the last days of May 2024

There are only a few days left until the end of the month, take advantage by saving with Banco Provincia’s virtual wallet.

Bank province

DNI accountthe virtual wallet of Bank province, continues with its benefits and promotions every month in nearby businesses and markets. The bank announced what discounts will be in force to take advantage of until the end of May to all users.

With this promotion, the University students They will be able to access a very useful benefit for this time of year. It’s about a refund of $3,000, valid in participating businesses. The benefit does not apply to payments made through the QR code of other digital wallets.

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Special Universities: what is the benefit of the DNI Account?

University students can access the benefit of 40% discount affiliated businesses of Buenos Aires universities, with a limit of $3,000 per week. In order to enjoy this benefit, you must make a purchase that reaches the $7,500 in expenses.

The refund will be reflected in the movements of the account linked to the DNI Account within the 10 working days in which the purchase was made. The participating businesses will be identified with advertising material for the promotion.

ID account

DNI account.

Bank province

All DNI Account discounts in May 2024

The virtual wallet has the following promotions until the end of May:

Butcher shops, farms and fishmongers

35% discount on Saturdays in participating stores, with a limit of $4,500 per week, which is reached with $12,850 in consumption.

Nearby shops (includes greengrocers)

20% savings from Monday to Friday, with a new monthly limit of $5,600. It is reached with $28,000 in consumption.

People over 60 years

30% savings, from Monday to Friday in local businesses affiliated with the DNI Account. New monthly limit of $6,600 that is reached with $22,000 in consumption.

Fairs, markets and events

40% discount every day, with a weekly limit of $3,000. It is reached with $7,500 in consumption.

Young people from 13 to 17 years old

$2,000 refund on transportation and cell phone recharges per month.

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