Food had its biggest weekly rise so far this month

Food had its biggest weekly rise so far this month

The food and drink prices They rose 1.8% during the third week of May, registering the highest weekly variation so far this month, according to the survey prepared by the consulting firm LCG.

The data that the measurement yielded, which studies the behavior of 10 categories within the food sector, It implies an acceleration of 1.7 percentage points compared to the previous seven days.

In this way, prices in said segment have accumulated an increase of 3% so far in the fifth month of the year.

The analyzed products of the basic basket had an average increase of 1.6 and 1.9% measured from end to end.

Food inflation: two items dropped in prices

Another aspect evidenced by this week’s bullish record is that barely Two of the ten items measured showed a decrease: “Fruits (-3.4%), and “Meals ready to go” (-0.1%).

Sugar, condiments and vegetables were the products that increased the most in the third week of May, with increases of 9.4, 5.8 and 5.1%, respectively.

Dairy products followed with a variation of 4.3% and baked goods with 2.3%.

In the last four weeks, food had an average increase of 1.6 percent, while, measured from end to end, basic basket products rose 1.9%.

While three of the Ten categories surveyed showed declines over the last four weeks.


Food inflation: which items registered the most increases in the last month

The items that increased the most in the last month were: Beverages and infusions 5.7%; Dairy and eggs 3.2%; Vegetables 2.3%; Condiments and other food products 1.9%; Bread, cereals and pasta 0.7%; Meats 0.6%; Oils -1.2%; Sugar -1.9%; Fruits -6.6%.

Despite the acceleration compared to the first weeks, the Food and Beverages segment is expected to be below the general average inflation, which consulting firms calculate at around 5 and 6%.

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