They reveal that you can sell this ticket for 280 thousand dollars: do you have it?

They reveal that you can sell this ticket for 280 thousand dollars: do you have it?

We have seen a large number of specimens that multiply their value due to rarities, but in this case the increase is exponential.

The universe of numismatics It is extensive and deep. There are all kinds of bills and coins with particularities that do not know their nominal value and grow exponentially. In this case it is the dollar, more precisely the 5 dollar copy with a rarity that makes it unique.

By finding the right market, a collector’s item can sell for exorbitant prices. It is worth clarifying that in the case of banknotes, they must be kept in good condition. Next, we will tell you which copy is worth 280 thousand dollars and where you can sell it.


What is the 5 dollar bill that you can sell for 280 thousand dollars?

The 5 dollar bill that is worth more than 280 thousand is one issued in 1890 by the United States Federal Reserve (FED), and it has the particularity of being one of the first specimens larger than normal.

It is estimated that there are 14 bills of these characteristics and in 2013, at auction it was worth 282 thousand dollars. If you own one of these, you can publish them on both E-bay and Mashops, two online shopping sites in North America and internationally. There are also organizations specialized in numismatics that can provide you with more information. The best known are: NGC: Coin Grading and PCGS.


Obverse of the 1890 $5 bill worth 280 thousand.

Obverse of the 1890 $5 bill worth 280 thousand.

What is numismatics

Numismatics is the discipline that is responsible for the study of coins. It allows its value to be established formally and facilitate historical dissemination at the same time.

Also, it is an auxiliary science of archeology that specifically deals with study coins, medals or items that serve to preserve value or as currency of exchange issued by a nation. In this case, the meaning we use is related to the search and collecting of these objects.

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