Alert for changes in the social monotax within the Bases law

Alert for changes in the social monotax within the Bases law

During the debate in Deputies, the social monotributists had managed to prevent progress on a modification that harmed them. But in the Senate, according to the draft that was circulated, the requests were not contemplated.

The social monotributists are on alert for changes in the regime within the framework of the Law Basesafter the changes they had managed to make to the original project seemed to have come to nothing according to the latest draft that was circulated during the signing of the opinion in the Senate.

From Associated Monotributistas Republic of Argentina (MARA) They warned that “everything achieved in the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, where it was achieved that in the session where the Law of Palliative and Relevant Fiscal Measures was debated, the social monotributist was ‘saved’ by modifying art. 100 of said law with a period of 90 days for the new figure of the social monotax to be reformulated on that day – since the original project simply proposed the elimination of the figure of the social monotax -; He was thrown overboard, since yesterday in the Senate and treacherously a draft opinion was circulated where art was modified. 100 with a 670% increase in the social monotributist quota, in practice pushing millions of families underground and being left without health coverage (which is serious since the majority of the social monotributists’ children have different abilities and suffer from chronic diseases).

MARA recalled that the accountant Noelia Villafañe He spoke for 4 hours in the Senate and at that committee meeting it was agreed that “the figure of the social monotax could not be eliminated due to the devastating impact that the measure would have.”


Last night, while the opinion was circulating for signature, Villafañe approached Senator Víctor Zimmermann at the door of Congress, who had declared that “if the social monotributist could not pay that increase, he should resign and go to public health,” and He criticized the changes while warning of the vulnerability to which that sector is exposed.

Megaphone in hand, Villafañe asked the senators and the new Chief of Staff, Guillermo Francos, who appeared in Congress to unblock the negotiations of the Bases law, to consider the requests of the social monotributists regarding the drafting of the regulations. .

For now, MARA is awaiting news, since according to what they were informed, the issue was still under analysis.

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