How much will salaries rise in June with the bonus?

How much will salaries rise in June with the bonus?

Commercial employees will receive a 7% increase in June, corresponding to May salaries. In April they had received an 8% increase.

In the last negotiation for paritythe union entities that represent the commercial employees They agreed with the business authorities on a 15% increase to be paid in two installments; an increase of 8% corresponding to April salaries already deposited and a 7% rise for May salarieswhich should be applied in the first days of June.

Based on this adjustment, and taking as a calculation basis the basic agreement and the non-remunerative sums in force as of March, a worker in the category Administrative A He will receive $445,901.45 basic salary.

Counting non-remunerative sums, said worker will receive $662,645. In addition, With the payment of the half bonus, the sum will amount to $993,967.50.

For the following categories, salaries range from $665,019 to $694,466. While, with bonus included, the sums will range from $997,528.50 to $1,041,699.

How much will commerce employees earn in June, depending on the category, with bonus included?

  • Administrative A: $993,967.50
  • Administrative B: $998,245.50
  • Administrative C: $1,002,517.50
  • Administrative D: $1,015,341
  • Administrative E: $1,026,025.50
  • Administrative F: $1,041,699
  • Cashier A: $997,528.50
  • Cashier B: $1,002,517.50
  • Cashier C: $1,008,930
  • Auxiliaries A: $997,528.50
  • Auxiliary B: $1,004,652
  • Auxiliary C: $1,028,163
  • Special auxiliaries A: $1,006,080
  • Special auxiliaries B: $1,018,902
  • Seller A: $997,528.50
  • Seller B: $1,018,905
  • Seller C: $1,026,025.50
  • Seller D: $1,041,699
  • Maestranza A: $983,283
  • Maestranza B: $986,130
  • Maestranza C: $996,102

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