Agriculture: Farmers demonstrate in Brussels ahead of European elections

Agriculture: Farmers demonstrate in Brussels ahead of European elections

They are demonstrating again: Shortly before the European elections, farmers from various EU countries are demanding in Brussels, among other things: “More freedom, less Brussels”.

A few days before the European elections, farmers in Brussels protested against the European Union’s agricultural policy. Around 1,200 demonstrators took part in the action with around 500 tractors, according to the Belgian police in Brussels. However, as the Belgian news agency Belga reported, the organizers had expected 25,000 participants.

First, the farmers gathered near the Atomium, just outside of Brussels city centre. In the afternoon, some of the demonstrators set off from the Brussels landmark in their tractors towards the European Parliament.

According to Belga, the tractors came mainly from Flanders, the Netherlands and Poland. Tractors with German flags and German posters also took part in the protest. The demonstration was organized by the “Farmers Defence Force” movement. There were no incidents at first, a police spokeswoman said. In the past, farmers’ protests in Belgium have also gotten out of hand, with objects being thrown at police officers and fires being set.

The European Greens criticized the latest protest: “Today in Brussels, right-wing extremist activists disguised as farmers are trying to take over the streets.” The largest European farmers’ associations have refused to participate. This confirms that this protest does not represent farmers.

Source: Stern

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