Survey: 80 percent of Germans want more job opportunities for older people

Survey: 80 percent of Germans want more job opportunities for older people

The labor market should offer more opportunities to people of retirement age. According to a representative survey, a large majority of Germans support this demand.

According to a representative survey, the vast majority of Germans would like the labor market to be more open to older people.

In the study by Hamburg futurologist Horst Opaschowski in cooperation with the Ipsos Institute, 80 percent of respondents supported the statement: “In a society of long life, there must be more employment opportunities for older workers.” 82 percent of women agreed, and 78 percent of men. The approval rate was lower among secondary school graduates and low-income earners, at 77 and 74 percent respectively.

It is primarily about being needed and challenged even in old age, explained Opaschowski (83). Remaining socially important will be as valuable as an investment. “As much as Germans value their high life expectancy, they are just as concerned about maintaining their personal quality of life into old age,” said the futurologist.

After the Federal Cabinet approved a second pension package at the end of May, Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) announced further reform steps that would include incentives for voluntary longer working hours. Heil referred to an ongoing process of talks with business and unions. “It’s about people who want to and can work longer voluntarily,” said Heil. There will be proposals for this in the summer.

Source: Stern

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