The Government expanded the Budget focusing on the payment of bonuses, salaries, Food Card and Northern Gas Pipeline

The Government expanded the Budget focusing on the payment of bonuses, salaries, Food Card and Northern Gas Pipeline

According to Administrative Decision 470/2024 published tonight in the Official Gazette, the national administration ordered the adaptation of the current budget of various Jurisdictions and Entities of the National Public Sector with the objective of face unavoidable expenses for its normal functioning”.

According to the regulations, one of the main reasons for the budget expansion is “the reinforcement of personnel expense creditsin order to meet current needs in matters wage, of expenses of functioning and equipment of the Jurisdictions and Entities of the National Administration”.

The Government expanded the Budget: the main areas that will receive an increase in items

In parallel, it enables the increase in current credits of the Senate and of the Ombudsman of the Nationorganizations acting within the scope of the Legislative Branch “in order to enable its normal functioning.”

It also orders to expand the budget of the General Defender of the Nationto meet specific expenses, and National Disability Agencyfor cover the payment of the pension income reinforcement for beneficiaries of non-contributory pensions

At the same time, it orders the expansion of the current items of the Ministry of Justice to face “the cost of the extension of the service of supervision, monitoring, tracking of couples of aggressors and victims of gender violence; and the acquisition of computer equipment and furniture for the implementation of the adversarial system provided for in the Criminal Procedure Code,” among other expenses.

The decree provides for the adaptation of the funds of the General Staff of the Argentina air force “to cover the incorporation of aircraft Multirole fighter”, acquired from Denmark, and “recover the capacity of aerospace operations in the VI Air Brigade of “Tandil”.

Regarding the area of Energy, The budget increase will be destined for the project “Reversal of the Northern Gasduct”, one of the demands of the sector to be able to continue with the cleaning of the country’s energy balance.

In regards to the Ministry of Healththe regulations enable the increase in items for the purchase of vaccines and medicines, as well as to support the Social Aid to People and Family Allowances from the Compensatory Health Coverage Program within the scope of the Directorate of Direct Assistance for Special Situations.

The Secretariat of Children, Adolescents and Familyat the center of the controversy over the withholding of food and the signing of fraudulent contracts that led to the ejection of former secretary Pablo De la Torre, ordered the extension of funds to meet the expenses incurred by the Food Benefit until July 2024.

Likewise, they point out that it is necessary to “reinforce the budget allocated to the attention of the Unemployment benefit”, after the provisions of the National Council of Employment, Productivity and the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Wage.


The expansion of the National Budget.

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