The Government repealed seven technical regulations and seeks to streamline marketing processes

The Government repealed seven technical regulations and seeks to streamline marketing processes

The Government continues with its line of debureaucratize and deregulate the different industries. Through resolution 108/2024 published this Thursday in the Official Gazette, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce announced the repeal of seven technical regulations referring to the import and trade of goods and products.

With this measure, the ruling party seeks to debureaucratize and reduce the costs and times that companies face when marketing and/or importing certain goods and products. According to the Secretariat, this will represent a saving of approximately US$2,500 in each certification process.

The Government’s resolution on trade and imports

With the publication of resolution 108/2024 in today’s Official Gazette, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce repealed seven technical regulations. They regulated the marketing and/or import of certain products.

The objective of elimination meets the need of various sectors to expedite the supply of inputs and goods for production and final consumption. This is expected to allow a improving the competitiveness of companies and one greater offer for consumers.


Pablo Agustín Lavigne is the current Secretary of Industry and Commerce.

The resolution repeals the technical regulations for graphic products which covers printed goods such as: books, agendas, labels, manuals, and others. The measure reaches all industries that supply this type of products and will represent a saving in each certification process of approximately US$2,500.

The regulation had been implemented in 2010 and required certify that the products to be manufactured or imported do not contain lead in inkwhen the industry currently no longer works with this type of inks in accordance with the internationally stipulated standards. The controls carried out in production ensure that the inks that reach graphics around the world meet international specifications regarding the use of lead and other metals heavy in all cases.

Furthermore, it also eliminates the technical regulations for packaging paper. It determined that every manufacturer or importer must certify technical standards to corroborate the size of the sheets, their thickness, opacity and grammage through product testing and audits of national and international plants by certification bodies.

Among the other regulations repealed include those corresponding to; School Supplies; energy efficiency labeling on ballasts; flexible aluminum tubes; inks, lacquers and varnishes; and sanitary.

What are technical regulations?

The technical regulations are normative documents that establish mandatory requirements on quality, safety, design, production process and product identification. In them you can establish the characteristics of a product, production processes and methods with them, including the administrative provisions applicable and compliance with which is mandatory.

It may also include requirements regarding terminology, symbols, packaging, marking or labeling, applicable to a product, process or production method, or deal exclusively with them. The measure is based on the belief that validity of the repealed regulations implied the Excessive administrative requirements that they represented unnecessary barriers to trade and did not contribute to the purpose of safeguarding the safety and health of consumers.

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