AFIP announced that it will freeze salaries of the entire plant in line with the savings and austerity mandate

AFIP announced that it will freeze salaries of the entire plant in line with the savings and austerity mandate

The Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP)issued a statement this Thursday announcing new economic measures that will be impacted on the salaries of the public administration, thus being in line with the ”savings and austerity mandate” of the administration of Javier Milei.

The statement states that ”The AFIP ratifies its commitment to savings and austerity”and begins the writing by detailing that, “following the mandate of savings and austerity that this administration assumed on December 10, 2023, and in accordance with the commitment of President Javier Milei to organize the State’s coffers and end the fiscal deficit.” ‘, they will take a series of measures.

First of all, they resolved to “maintain the salary freeze valid from February 2024 for the entire plant. Then, the ratification of the ”reduction of salaries of the hierarchical staff of the organization through provision 44/2024, of May 10, 2024.

And finally, ”set for the entire plant the reduction of the percentage of the variable rate dependent on collectionthrough provision 64/2024”.

”In this way, this administration continues with the commitment to adjust the salaries of the public administration in line with the responsibility of reducing the fiscal deficit,” the letter closes.

The measure generated the Immediate reaction from the AFIP hierarchical personnel union which issued a statement in which it questioned the Federal Administrator Florencia Misrahi and warned that the cuts will result in a decrease in collection, in a process identical to that which occurred during 2018 with Leandro Cuccioli.

What the statement says

“Madam Federal Administrator: you are directly attacking the government that you are a member of and all the workers who collaborate so that your management is successful,” warned the Union of AFIP Senior Personnel (UPSAFIP), in a statement titled “Today he was wrong”addressed to Misrahi.

And they pointed out that Resolution No. 64/2024 was only signed by her, without intervention from the other central areas. “He has just put his hand in the pockets of the House workers,” they said, accusing him of justifying his decision in a “false way.” “Declaiming austerity and savings for the organization, a readjustment of items is simply done that migrate from salaries to other expenses; That is, the staff is harmed for the benefit of no one,” they denounced.

This measure “it only tends to fiscal imbalance” -they continued-, giving as an example what happened in the same process in 2018, when Cuccioli was in charge of the AFIP and a “brutal drop in revenue” fruit, among other things, of the removal of incentives for the personnel in charge of expanding it.

“The main body that collects genuine resources of the National State cannot be allowed to be destroyed.”, plummeting the collection with which the salaries of the three branches are met, in addition to all the public services of the Nation. Madam Federal Administrator: today you were wrong,” concludes the reproach signed by Julio Estévez, as general secretary of the union of hierarchical officials, who occupy management positions in the different divisions of AFIP.


AFIP: what is the 35% that has not yet been returned from 2023 and who is responsible for it?

The Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP) has still not returned 35% to taxpayers for purchases in dollars made in 2023. This causes uncertainty and concern among the affected people, since it is still the sixth month of the year and it is not known when they will be able to collect this amount.

The only information there is so far is that AFIP extended until June 30 the presentation of the forms to request the refund of this percentage to workers in a dependency relationship to whom Earnings are deducted to present their SIRADIG Worker declaration. The previous deadline was May 31.

The problem with this delay is that those who completed the process in a timely manner will receive the refund in an amount without the corresponding interest due to inflation.

How to request a 35% refund and how long it takes

To request a 35% refund you have to follow the following steps:

  • Enter the AFIP website with the CUIT and the tax code of level 2 or higher.
  • Look for the “Return of perceptions” option. If it is not enabled, add from the “My services” option.
  • Select “New” and write the year and months you want to claim in this format: year (four digits) + month (two digits). Then click “OK.”
  • Select the perceptions you want to return and then select “Submit.”
  • Accept the text shown by the AFIP, which declares that the data is correct and true. Finally, download the receipt.

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