Vladimir Putin: “German-Russian relations finally destroyed”

Vladimir Putin: “German-Russian relations finally destroyed”

Vladimir Putin is the focus of the 27th International Economic Forum, which is currently taking place in St. Petersburg. The Russian president shakes hands and gives speeches. His goal is clear: a new world order.

Entrepreneurs from all over the world are gathering in St. Petersburg these days: the Russian president has invited them to an economic forum. Under the motto “The foundations of a multipolar world – the formation of new growth areas”, he shakes hands, gives speeches and has a clear goal: a new world order.

Putin hopes to raise the financial resources he needs at the economic forum. The message is that the Russian economy is strong – despite the unprecedented financial sanctions and trade bans imposed by the West.

In discussions such as “‘The Empire of Evil’: Has the West successfully demonized Russia?” Putin repeatedly attacks the enemy of the system – including directly against his old partner Germany.

German tanks in Ukraine “moral and ethical shock”

In a conversation with foreign press representatives, he sharply criticized German foreign policy: “When German tanks first appeared on Ukrainian soil, it already caused a moral and ethical shock in Russia, because relations with Germany had always been very good in Russian society,” he said.

“If it is now said that more German missiles will appear that will hit targets on Russian territory, then German-Russian relations will be destroyed once and for all.” The German missiles are the Taurus model, an air-to-ground cruise missile that, after long discussions, will not be delivered to Ukraine.

Most recently, the German government allowed Kiev to attack targets in Russia with missiles supplied by Germany. However, Chancellor Olaf Scholz still refuses to send long-range missiles such as the Taurus model.

Vladimir Putin on AfD

When asked about German domestic politics, Putin denied that Russia had any “systematic ties” to the AfD, but then added that the Kremlin was ready to cooperate with “anyone who is ready to cooperate with Russia.”

In recent weeks, there have been several investigations and solid indications that AfD politician Petr Bystron received money from Russia to promote its interests in Germany. There are also suspicions against Maximilian Krah, AfD’s top candidate for the European elections.

Putin sees “no signs of neo-Nazism” in the AfD – despite the fact that the entire party has been classified as a suspected right-wing extremist by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. “Any alternative view is seen as subversive,” said Putin, who himself has banned most independent Russian media. “And then they are all branded as agents of the Kremlin.”

27th International Economic Forum

The 27th International Economic Forum ends this Saturday. Today, Putin will give a speech on world politics and Russia’s economic situation. The aim of the annual meeting is to demonstrate that Russia, despite sanctions, is resilient with relatively high growth and innovation.

Western experts also point to Russia’s comparatively robust economic situation, despite the unprecedented financial sanctions and trade bans. Much of the growth and the comparatively good consumer sentiment are due to the massively ramped-up war economy.

Putin will also answer questions in a panel discussion, including on his ongoing war of aggression against Ukraine. Despite limited economic contacts, many Western businessmen from the EU and the USA are taking part in the forum.

At the beginning of the economic forum, Russian politicians and businesspeople stressed that the country was preparing for a long military conflict. The war economy could now shape the economy of the nuclear power for years to come, it was said at events at the forum.

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