How much Spotify Premium costs in June 2024

How much Spotify Premium costs in June 2024
How much Spotify Premium costs in June 2024

The most listened to music platform in the world updated its prices on the Premium plans for the month of June.

Spotify It is the most popular music streaming platform of the moment, with millions of artists available to listen to his music. It offers users instant access to a huge library of songs, albums and playlists from various genres.

For this reason, many users choose to pay a monthly payment and access the version Premiumwhich has various benefits that improve the experience when listening to both music and podcasts.


The application plans are expressed in pesos, but are debited in dollars, so there is a charge to the base amount proposed by the company. tax component of 8% of the PAIS tax, 21% of the VAT and 30% of receipt of Profits. To that we must add, in some provinces, an extra 2% of Gross Income.

How much are Spotify Premium plans in June 2024?

  • Individual Plan: This plan is designed for a single person and costs $1,299 per month.
  • Student Plan: You can access a premium plan for $699 per month, as long as your institution is duly accredited.
  • Duo Plan: This plan offers two premium accounts for $1,699 per month.
  • Family Plan: This plan allows up to 6 accounts with access to Spotify Kids for $2,199 per month.

Spotify Premium Benefits

  • Premium plans have several benefits:
  • Music without ads
  • Download and listen to content offline
  • Play songs in the order you want
  • High quality audio
  • Listen to content with your favorite people in real time
  • Organize the playback queue to your liking

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