A typical family needed more than $850,000 to not be poor in May

A typical family needed more than 0,000 to not be poor in May
A typical family needed more than 0,000 to not be poor in May

The cost of the total basic basket, which measures the poverty line, registered its smallest increase since November 2021. In annual terms the variation was 290.7%.

The cost of the basic basket rose 2.8% in May.


The cost of total basic basket (CBT)which measures the poverty line, rose 2.8% in May, which meant the lowest variation since November 2021. In annual terms, the increase was 290.7%, above general inflation, which was 276.4% for the same period.

Thus, A family made up of two adults and two minors needed $851,351 to avoid falling into poverty during the fifth month of the year, according to data published by INDEC on this day.

By second consecutive month the CBT increased below the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of INDEC, which for May recorded an increase of 4.2%. In April the basket had risen 7.7%, against an inflation of 8.8%.

Likewise, in the accumulated 2024 the increase in the CBT was 71.7%, very similar to the 71.9% that the CPI showed since January.

Parallel, The cost of the Basic Food Basket (CBA), which is used as a threshold for the indigence line, recorded an increase of 3.7%. Thus, a “type” family required $125,235 to not be considered indigent.

The cost of basic baskets for a family is calculated using as a reference the values ​​to satisfy the needs of a man between 30 and 60 years old, considered an “equivalent adult.” The CBT for said adult was $275,518 in May and the CBA reached $125,235.

While the CBA includes only food, the CBT includes other expenses, although it excludes, for example, the cost of rent.

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