Auto: Musk: We need to change Cybertruck for Europe

Auto: Musk: We need to change Cybertruck for Europe
Auto: Musk: We need to change Cybertruck for Europe

Tesla has already presented its Cybertruck pickup in several European countries. But there is still a lot to do before it can be launched on the market.

According to company boss Elon Musk, Tesla will first have to redesign its electric pickup truck Cybertruck in order to be able to sell it in Europe. This will only make sense when production numbers are higher, Musk said at Tesla’s annual general meeting after a shareholder question. It is possible that the vehicle will be certified for other countries “sometime next year”.

The Cybertruck was adapted to the specifications in North America, Musk emphasized. Complying with international requirements would have brought additional restrictions – “and that would have made the product worse, frankly.” “I think we will have to make a special version that meets Chinese specifications, that meets European specifications,” Musk predicted.

After years of delays, Tesla began delivering the pickup truck with its distinctive stainless steel body at the end of 2023. Musk had promised annual production of around 250,000 Cybertrucks in the future – but it is unclear when Tesla could reach the mark. According to the latest information from April, Tesla can build around 1,000 of the model per week.

Musk is convinced that Cybertruck will meet strong demand

Large pick-up trucks are one of the most popular vehicle categories in the USA. Overall, however, buyers continue to prefer combustion engines or hybrid drives. For example, Ford sells relatively few electric versions of its best-selling F-150 model.

Musk was convinced that Tesla would also see strong demand for the Cybertruck outside the USA. The company had already presented the vehicle in several European countries at the beginning of May. Some experts doubt that the Cybertruck in its current form is compatible with EU regulations.

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