Food increased 1.5% in the second week of June

Food increased 1.5% in the second week of June
Food increased 1.5% in the second week of June

In addition to vegetables, other products presented higher prices compared to the previous week, as is the case of sugar (2.8%), beverages (2.4%), baked goods (1.9%). Oil, meanwhile, was one of the foods that showed a decrease of around 3.9%.

According to the report from the consulting firm LGC, meat presented a variation of 2% and food as a whole registered an increase of 3.6% in the last four weeks.

Inflation: which foods increased in the last week

Led by dairy and eggs, the foods that increased in the last week are:

  • Dairy and eggs: 6.8%;
  • Condiments and other food products: 5.7%;
  • Sugar: 4.5%;
  • Vegetables: 4.3%;
  • Drinks and infusions: 4.1%;
  • Meats: 3.7%;
  • Bread, cereals and pasta: 3.7%;
  • Oils: 1.9%;
  • Ready-to-go meals: 1.7%;
  • Fruits: -7.7%

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Inflation: food prices increased in the second week of July.


Inflation: food once again casts a shadow over the floor sought by the Government

In thesecond week of June, food prices also average a monthly increase of 4.8%according to data from the consultancy Labor Capital and Growth (LCG) and, during that period, an increase of 1.5% was recorded compared to the previous seven days.

The data suggest that, taking into account the rate increases planned for this month by the Government, as is the case of electricity and gas, It will be more complicated if at the end of the month the Consumer Price Index (CPI) falls until it pierces its floor of 4.2%.

However, the economic team seems be aspiring to have a 2% monthly floorsomething that seems complicated given the delay in the price of public services, which generates repressed inflation.

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