the foolproof trick to detect if a dollar bill is fake

the foolproof trick to detect if a dollar bill is fake
the foolproof trick to detect if a dollar bill is fake

Below we show you everything you need to know to avoid falling for this dangerous scam.

Given the imminent devaluation risk to which we are constantly subjected, the American dollar It continues to be the currency chosen by the majority of Argentines as a savings method. That is why it is important to know that there are counterfeit bills in circulation and how to detect them.

There are more and more counterfeit dollar bills circulating in Argentina, which is why it is important to pay attention to all the security measures that the US Federal Reserve (FED) over the years.


How to detect if a dollar bill is fake

There are different ways to detect the falsity or truth of a bill through sight and touch. Ways we will list and describe below.


This plays a fundamental role. Real bills usually combine pale and bright colors that are very difficult to imitate, so it is a good idea to carry real dollars to compare them. The fake ones usually have very light colors, unlike the real ones, which have contrasts and bright amber tones.


Touching the bills can help identify them. Fake ones usually have a waxy feel, while authentic ones are thinner.

The portrait

Specialists assure that the portraits appear alive and are easily distinguished from the background. A detail that is difficult for the counterfeiter to replicate.

The lines

The edges should have subtle and fine lines, which are clear and united, while in false ones they are usually diffuse and indistinguishable.

security thread

The front of the bill shows silver segments that look like a line. Imitators usually try to make them with metallic ink, which under the magnifying glass can be seen to be made with a laser, while in the original copies you can see clear filaments when held up to the light.

The application to detect fake dollars

In addition, there is an application for mobile phones launched by the US Federal Reserve (FED) called Cash Assist and can prove whether a bill is real or fake by scanning it with the device’s camera. A very useful technology to detect scam attempts. It is available in both the App Store and the Play Store.

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