Survey: Biggest productivity brakes: colleagues, bosses and meetings

Survey: Biggest productivity brakes: colleagues, bosses and meetings
Survey: Biggest productivity brakes: colleagues, bosses and meetings

Work would be much easier if there weren’t all these disruptions. A recent survey shows how many office workers are doing.

Almost one in four office workers say they are interrupted ten times or more during a task each day. A total of 24 percent said this in a survey commissioned by the company Slack.

This is consistent with the fact that when asked what disruptive factors limited their productivity, the 2,000 or so respondents most frequently cited distraction from colleagues (32 percent). Close behind, at 31 percent each, were ineffective leadership style and too many and too long meetings.

However, escaping from distraction by going home is obviously only a solution for some people. Although 29 percent said they were more productive working from home than in the office, 24 percent also said the opposite. 21 percent saw no influence of the location on their productivity. However, the reasons for higher productivity in the office or at home were not explicitly asked.

Most productive working time in the morning

The situation is much clearer when asked about the most productive working time. For most people, this is clearly the morning: 32 percent said the time between 8:01 and 10:00 a.m., 34 percent said the following period from 10:01 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The most frequently mentioned time was the early morning or a time slot at midday or early afternoon.

Employees were also asked about various measures to increase productivity. They particularly considered regular short breaks and a healthy lifestyle to be important or very important. This was followed by to-do lists and fixed time slots for individual tasks.

Nina Koch from Slack sees it similarly: “It’s not just taking regular short breaks that increases productivity. Writing to-do lists and using automation and workflows in everyday work are also among the top productivity boosters,” she says. When it comes to to-do lists in particular, it’s important to create them correctly and maintain them regularly.

Source: Stern

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