Austria: Drivers from Lieferando and Co. strike during European Championship games

Austria: Drivers from Lieferando and Co. strike during European Championship games
Austria: Drivers from Lieferando and Co. strike during European Championship games

In Austria, some football fans will probably go hungry during the European Championships: food delivery workers from large portals such as Lieferando and Foodora are striking during the national team’s games. The bicycle couriers are demanding a new collective agreement.

Put your feet up, watch the national team’s European Championship match and enjoy a pizza from your favorite restaurant – for many football fans, this is probably the best evening entertainment at the moment. But in Austria, customers of delivery services such as “Lieferando” or “Foodora” are currently going empty-handed during the Austrian team’s games. The companies’ bicycle couriers are on strike. The reason is the ever-escalating dispute over a new collective agreement for employees. The union “vida” announced last Friday that Vienna, Graz, Salzburg and Klagenfurt would be on strike on June 17th, 21st and 25th – on the respective days between 5.30 p.m. and 10 p.m., which is exactly during the national team’s playing time.

No food deliveries at Austria games: Bicycle messengers go on strike

Markus Petritsch, head of the road department in the union vida, said: “It is a scandal that employers spend huge sums of money on UEFA sponsorship, among other things, but there is not enough money for the employees.” This is a “foul play” against the employees, reports the portal “heute.at”.

As in other countries, the relationship between delivery services and their drivers in Austria is strained. Accusations have been made time and again that companies such as Lieferando or Foodora exploit their employees. The union vida is demanding a wage increase of 8.7 percent and points out that the average wage of employees is currently around 1,430 euros per month, well below the poverty line of 1,572 euros. The employers’ offer is currently 5.8 percent more pay.

Dispute over collective agreements also in Germany

According to “heute.at”, around 4,500 people in Austria work as bicycle couriers. Of these, however, only around 2,000 are permanently employed. A collective agreement applies only to them. Lieferando, for example, employs its employees according to the contracts. Foodora, on the other hand, works mostly with “freelancers”. The same applies to the delivery service “Wolt”, which is only active in Vienna in Austria and employs self-employed and “freelancers”.

In recent years, there have been repeated accusations against delivery service companies. From alleged unpaid tips to a lack of protection against the coronavirus during the pandemic to exploitation and low wages. In Germany, too, unions are arguing with Lieferando, for example, over a collective agreement for bicycle couriers. At the beginning of May, the drivers also went on strike in Germany – so far without success.


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