the detail of the measurement

the detail of the measurement
the detail of the measurement

The Central Bank of Santiago Bausilli expanded the amount of the total amount of financing that exporting companies may have.


He central bank issued a new regulation aimed at banks increasing andthe financing limit for the big ones exporting companies.

In the document “Norms on credit policies” The total amount of financing reached in pesos in the entire financial system, and/or repos and/or stock market guarantees, increased from $5,000 million to $30,000 million during the last 90 calendar days.

The financing achieved will be those that have involved disbursements of funds, neas well as the unused amount of the credit limit assigned for current account advances. Your capital balance will be computed at the end of the month prior to the one in which your determination corresponds.

Clarification from the Central Bank

When a client states by sworn statement that he or she does not fall into the category of “Large export company” and, from the information available in the “Central of debtors of the financial system”, it emerges that exceeds the amount of $30,000 millionyou must present a certification issued by an External Auditor or independent Public Accountant (with a signature duly certified by the respective Professional Council of Economic Sciences) detailing the financing in pesos and foreign currency in all financial entities, disaggregating the data corresponding to each of these intermediaries as of the date on which refers, and the aforementioned stock exchange passes and guarantees taken – in pesos – during the last 90 calendar days.

The provisions of this paragraph will not apply when the client meets the status of MiPyME –in accordance with the regulations on “Determination of the status of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises”–.

This certification will remain valid for 90 calendar days from the date to which it refers, without prejudice to the presentation of a new certification if applicable.”

“When the client meets the condition of point 7.1.1. but eThe total amount of its financing in pesos in the financial system does not exceed the amount of $30,000 million and has not maintained stock repos and/or securities taken –in pesos– during the last 90 calendar days, the financial institution may grant new financing to the extent that such disbursements do not exceed that amount.

“Financial entities may only agree to and disburse new financing in pesos to the group of clients covered by the definition of “Large exporting companies” with prior approval from the BCRA.”

BCRA: which clients does this measure apply to?

The clients included are those who are in category de “Large exporting companies” and non-financial private sector clients who concurrently meet the following conditions:

  • The total amount of its exports of goods and services in the immediately preceding 12 calendar months represent at least 75% of its total sales – considering the domestic market and exports – for that period.
  • The amount of total sales made by the company in the domestic market to its related clients is excluded, except in the case of sales of goods to distribution companies for marketing in the domestic market.
  • Industrial exports included in international complementarity agreements to which Argentina is a party will not be considered.

Source: Ambito

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