2.6 million tourists traveled and spent US$418 million

2.6 million tourists traveled and spent US8 million
2.6 million tourists traveled and spent US8 million

By adding the two dates, tourists had seven days to travel, when in June 2023 there were only four. As a result, this time 15.3% more people were mobilized than in 2023. Some 800 thousand traveled for the Immortality of Güemes, from June 14 to 17, and 1.8 million did so this weekend for the Day of the Banderto. There were many late arrivals with counter sales.

In the four-day weekend for Flag Day, 1.8 million tourists traveled through Argentina and They spent $303,405 million on food, drinks, accommodation, transportation, recreation and various purchases.

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The economic impact of this year’s tourism days vs. 2023

The number of people who moved was 20% lower than the same weekend last year, which had the same number of days (4) and spent 24.3% less at real prices.

Why the balance was positive for the tourism sector

But in the end, celebrating holidays on separate weekends, as happened this year, ended up being better for the activity: If the results of this weekend are added to those of the holiday last June 17, when adding seven days, almost 2.6 million people went out for a walk, which is 15.3% more than in the four days that the holiday lasted. 2023 combined weekend.

In matters of spending, this year was also more austere: Even adding the two dates, they spent a total of $384,869 million (US$418 million), 4% less in pesos, at real prices, than what was spent in just four days of 2023. A difference was contributed by international tourists, who this year had very little presence, and reduced per capita spending.


This weekend's tourists had an average stay of 3 nights and spent $56,500 a day each

This weekend’s tourists had an average stay of 3 nights and spent $56,500 a day each

Tourism: how much travelers spent this weekend

This weekend’s tourists had a average stay of 3 nights and they spent $56,500 a day each, above the disbursement made last weekend, where due to low demand, there were many more promotions and fewer recreational options to spend on.

The weather this year was less friendly, with snowfall in Patagonia, storms in some areas of Cuyo and NOA, storms in the NEA, and strong winds on the Coast. Still, there was sunshine and also moments of mild temperatures. So far this year there have been 4 long weekends, where 8.4 million tourists traveled and spent $1,369,395 million (US$1,488 million in the official BNA sales dollar).

Source: Ambito

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