The Government distributed the Hilton quota for its export to the United Kingdom

The Government distributed the Hilton quota for its export to the United Kingdom
The Government distributed the Hilton quota for its export to the United Kingdom

The Bioeconomy Secretariat headed by Fernando Vilella distributed the Hilton quota for the 2024/2025 campaign.


The Bioeconomy Secretariat distributed the Hilton fee between refrigerators, producer associations and other companies in the sector. Responds to the quota of cuts of meat produced with high commercial value destined for United Kingdom of 29,389 tons.

The distribution is for the 2024/2025 cycle (July 1 to June 30, 2025), one month after the registration process opened and the requirements for companies were established.

Of 67 companies awarded to obtain the export license9 economic groups kept the majority. These are: ARRE BEEF SA, COMPAÑÍA BERNAL SA, COTO CICSA, FRIAR SA, FRIGORÍFICO GORINA SAIC, FRIGORÍFICO RIOPLATENSE SAICIF, QUICKFOOD SA, SA IMPORT. AND EXPORT. DE LA PATAGONIA and SWIFT ARGENTINA SA. Finally, there was a Free Industry Availability Fund of 526,523 tons.

Regarding joint projects, where breeder associations and other operators participate, 2913,825 tons were allocated 2397,582 tons and there was an availability fund of 516,243 tons. Regarding new applicants, 147.5 tons were given to Frigorífico Maneca in the industry category and 25,075 tons to Grupo Romeo in “New Projects.”

What is the Hilton fee

The Hilton Fee is a tariff quota for boneless beef of high quality and value that the European Union granted to meat-producing and exporting countries, and administered by the exporting country.

Technically, since the Hilton Quota is a quota granted by the European Union, it is said bloc that establishes the conditions of entry to its market. Thus, the EU Regulation that governs the current conditions of the quota is No. 2020/761 and its amendments; Argentina currently has a quota with 29,389 tons per yearand a quota of 200 tons for buffalo meatwhose commercial cycle runs from July 1 of each year to June 30 of the following year.

The cuts that make up the quota are: steak without loin, rump (and its derivatives), loin, wide steak without cover, inside buttock, outside buttock (or their individual cuts: fish and tail or square meat), loin ball and thin entrailwith the variants that each individual market prefers and in accordance with the biotype established in ANNEX VIII, Order number 09.4450, of the IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2020/761 of the COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN UNION, of December 17, 2019 , relating to the system for managing tariff quotas through certificates.

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