Javier Milei celebrated, but consultants predict a rebound in the CPI in June

Javier Milei celebrated, but consultants predict a rebound in the CPI in June
Javier Milei celebrated, but consultants predict a rebound in the CPI in June

President Javier Milei, since Prague (Czech Republic), celebrated that in the third week of June there was 0% inflation, a fact that, he said, had not been recorded 30 years ago. But the truth behind the data is that it is a measurement that corresponds to the consulting firm. Econometric and is limited only to the prices of food and drinks.

In dialogue with the press, Milei He said this Monday that “signs are beginning to appear that things are working.” Thus, the President echoed an Econometrica measurement that detailed that Food inflation was 0% in the third week of June. In this way, according to this consultancy, the measurement for the month reaches 2.4%, with one week left until the end of the month.

Despite these values, There are other consulting firms that project higher figures for the June CPI. If the consultant’s data is taken into account lcg, the rise of food It was 0.9% in the third week of the month. Although the fruit and vegetables fell 0.2% and 0.3%, there are other items that increased, such as sugar, honey, sweets and cocoa, with 5.6%, oils, with 4.1%, and dairywith 2.3%.

For its part, the survey of prices in supermarkets of Econviews daring an average increase of 0.1% in the third week of June for a basket of food, perfumery and cleaning. Among the categories, it stood out greengrocers, with -2.3% and dairy products with 1.4%. On average, High frequency inflation for this consultancy was 0.6% weekly.

In turn from the pxq consultingthey assured that last week’s inflation was +0.6% and that among the most notable weekly changes, the Increases in mobile phone services, eating out and dairy products. For its part, and after registering considerable increases, the price of Tomato registered a drop of -4.8%.

“In the case of Food and drinksIf the first two weeks of the month are compared versus the previous monthly average, it is observed that the aforementioned item experienced an increase of +2.3%. In its weekly variation, this division showed an increase of +0.8%where the increases in Dairy products and Front Cuts of beef stood out,” they expanded in the report.

Inflation in June: what numbers do consulting firms expect

In dialogue with Ambit, Claudio Caprarulodirector at Analyticspredicted: “For now we maintain a projection close to 5% for this month and In the third week of June, inflation in food and beverages gave us below 0.1%the most important category of INDEC”.

For its part, Camilio Tiscornia of C&T Associatesalso in a conversation with this medium, said that “the data for the month may be a little below 5%”. For his part since pxq, it is estimated that June inflation will be between 4.5% and 5%. “From the end of the previous month until the current week, the goods that make up the category of the core inflation registers very moderate growth and low volatility“, they expanded.

If the measurement of June finally reaches that level It will be the first month after a five-month streak of accelerating inflation.. It should be noted that in December jumped to 25.5%, in January it fell to 20.6%, in February it continued on the path of deceleration to 13.2%later in March it stood at 11%, in April (+8.8%), and in May (+4.2%).

Regarding the inflation projections of City analysts according to the latest Market Expectations Survey (REM) published this Thursday by the Central Bank, showed a challenging scenario: Starting in June, the monthly slowdown will slow down and they predict that it will stagnate above 5% in the next four months.

Source: Ambito

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