Justice stopped the increase in rates in a province due to low temperatures

Justice stopped the increase in rates in a province due to low temperatures
Justice stopped the increase in rates in a province due to low temperatures

The justice of Tierra del Fuego stopped the gas rate increases for all users in the province during the winter months. The measure responds to the amparo action presented by the Provincial Government in charge of Gustavo Melella together with residents of the “Tierra del Fuego” tariff subzone, against the State and ENARGAS.

It requested the declaration of “nullity, unconstitutionality and inapplicability of Resolutions No. 41/24 of the Ministry of Energy of the Nation and No. 122/24 of ENARGAS.” “They must refrain from applying the new tariff tables stipulated there to all users and consumers of the public gas service through networks of the ´Tierra del Fuego´ tariff subzone”, says the document. The ruling is signed by federal judge Mariel Borruto.

A clarification is that although Borruto suspends the application of the new tariff tables for users and consumers of the “Tierra del Fuego” tariff subzone, rejects the request for refund or compensation of excess fees paid until a final ruling is issued.

Among the foundations, the Court considers that “the new rates “they do not comply with the principles of predictability, proportionality and gradualness established in laws 24,240 and 24,076.”

Furthermore, it is considered that the precautionary measure “does not substantially affect the public interest and is necessary to avoid irreparable damage to users. According to the March rate tables, for a N1 residential it would be $5,224, for a N2 $1,925 and for a N3 $3,733, according to the consulting firm Economía y Energía.

Finally, they justify “the urgency of the measure” due to possible “negative consequences for users during the winter.” The precautionary measure will have a validity of three months.

Rates: the celebration of Governor Melella

Governor Gustavo Melella came out to celebrate the court ruling. However, it is not clear that in practice it implies the suspension of the increases. The resolution that is in the case became old, since in recent days it was replaced by another.

“I want to express my satisfaction with the recent judicial ruling that protects our citizens,” Melella wrote in ensures that the new gas rate tables are not appliedeasing the economic burden on our families,” he adds.

“This is a step towards justice and the protection of our rights in these moments of extreme temperatures that hit our province and to the Patagonian region,” Melella wrote.


Source: Ambito

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