What is recommended to do with the pesos, according to the investor profile

What is recommended to do with the pesos, according to the investor profile
What is recommended to do with the pesos, according to the investor profile

Investments: conservative profiles

According to a UADE report, the financial instruments that would fit this profile are the traditional fixed term and the UVA, negotiable obligations, LECAPSand if you want to invest in bonds, Argentine bonds (in pesos).

The economist Maximiliano Donzelli recommended that for people who want to invest thinking in the short term, we believe that it would be ideal to add the bond of the National Treasure T4X4 maturing on November 10, 2024. For this instrument, a projected annual return of 66% which is equivalent to a monthly return of 4.25%, above the performance of a fixed term.

Secondly, also thinking about the short term, he also sees it as attractive to invest in the Common Investment Fund (FCI). AdCap Pesos Plus (CNXPOPA).

This Fund is positioned in short-term assets, both fixed rate securities and CER rate securities. Seek strategic positioning by offering inflation and performance coverage to obtain a return over a fixed term.

Another option to consider is the Adcap Balanced XVI which is 100% invested in Lecaps and has an expected TNA of 44%.

Investments: moderate profiles

The financial instruments that would fit this profile are the Argentine stocks and bonds (in pesos), treasury bills, negotiable obligations and CEDEARS.

For people who want to dollarize their bonus but also want to receive a return, we see a good way to invest in the FCI AdCap Dollar Income (ADCGLOA). We are talking about a fund with a conservative profile in dollars, which channels its investments with NOs in Argentina and Latin America.

Donzelli affirms that it is an ideal instrument for those investors who want to preserve capital and generate returns in dollars. Currently, this FCI has an estimated annual return in US dollars 7.00%.

Continuing with fixed income and thinking about the medium term, he also welcomes taking a position in the Global Bond 2035 (GD35). From the Research team, we selected this sovereign bond that currently has a yield of 17.5% in dollars.

For the analyst, this instrument presents positive prospects with the possibility of a normalization of the economy.

Finally, Adcap Finance and Cocos Capital suggest investing in National Treasury bonds and CER-adjusted bonds.

The T4X4 National Treasury bond, maturing in November 2024, projects an annual return of 66%, significantly exceeding the return of a fixed term. On the other hand, CER-adjusted bonds, such as GD35, offer a yield of 17.5% in dollars and present positive prospects with the possibility of economic normalization.

“Bonds adjusted by CER allow one to hedge against the risk that inflation begins to show downward rigidities around 4% or 5% monthly,” they point out from Adcap Finance.

dollar investments finance

In the medium term, analysts prefer inflation-adjusted bonds.

Investments: aggressive profiles

The financial instruments that would fit this profile are cryptocurrencies, Argentine stocks and bonds (in pesos), negotiable obligations and CEDEARS.

– CEDEAR from MercadoLibre (MELI): It is the most important electronic commerce platform in Latin America with a presence in 18 countries in the region. It has an ecosystem of six integrated e-commerce services: Mercadolibre Marketplace, the Mercado Libre Classifieds service, the Mercado Pago payment solution, the Mercado Crédito financial solutions, the Mercadoenvíos logistics solutions including shipping, the Mercado Ads advertising platform . and the Mercadoshops digital showcase solution.

Beyond the recent rise in its share price, we continue to see a lot of value given the growth that the company has been achieving recently (revenues +36% YoY) and that it can continue to achieve as it continues to expand its business in the Mexican market and the rest of Latin America.

S&P500 ETF CEDEAR (SPY): It is a fund that seeks to replicate the behavior of the S&P 500, one of the most important benchmark stock indices in the United States. It, like the index it takes as a reference, stands out for its positioning in high market capitalization companies.

Pampa Energía (PAMP): It is one of the main companies in the Merval leading panel. Pampa is one of the leaders in the Oil & Gas segment, it has an approximate production of 5,5500 barrels of oil and 10 million cubic meters of gas per day.

In addition, it participates in the generation and transmission of electrical energy, making it the largest integrated electricity company in Argentina. Part of its income comes directly in dollars from exports. which makes it an alternative hedge against exchange rate volatility.

For those who are investors in cryptocurrencies, Julián Colombo, general director of Bitso Argentina, highlighted: “I am very optimistic regarding the evolution of cryptocurrencies for the remainder of the year. There continue to be excellent purchasing opportunities for bitcoin, ether and solana, among other digital assets. Meanwhile, Commodities are recommended for a long-term portfolio, as are the stocks of the world’s leading technology companies.” So far this year, Bitcoin, Solana and Ethereum are the three featured cryptocurrencies.

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