The salaries of the Armed Forces increase: the new scales

The salaries of the Armed Forces increase: the new scales
The salaries of the Armed Forces increase: the new scales

Based on joint resolution 33/24 issued this Tuesday, the Executive Branch established a new monthly salary for July. How is the salary scale for next month?

He Government made official a new pay rise for members of the Armed forces and the increase impacts the salary of military personnel and naval establishments. In this framework, how are the assets for July?

Through joint resolution 33/24 issued this Tuesday in the Official bulletin, points out “that it is necessary to establish a salary scale for military personnel of the Armed Forces and for the Naval Establishments Police, which recognizes an adequate hierarchy in relation to the capacity, responsibility and dedication required by the correct execution of their activity.”

And he adds: “In such an understanding it is appropriate establish the amounts of ‘Monthly Credit’ of Military Personnel of the Armed Forces and the Naval Establishment Police as of June 2024″.

To define it, the Technical Advisory Commission on Salary Policy of the Public Sector, the technical areas and the permanent legal services of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Economy intervened, following the powers contemplated in sections 1) and 2) of subsection g of the article. 3 of decree 101 of January 16, 1985, replaced by articles 6 of decree 954 of November 23, 2017 and 10 of decree 1086 of November 29, 2018.

Increase in salaries in the Armed Forces: how are the salaries for July

This way, the scale of values ​​in the salaries of members of the armed forces They vary between $400,000 and almost $2 million:

  • Lieutenant General, Admiral, Brigadier General: $1,962,041
  • Major General, Vice Admiral, Brigadier Major: $1,749,708
  • Brigadier General, Rear Admiral, Brigadier: $1,594,159
  • Colonel, Captain, Commodore: $1,396,344
  • Lieutenant Colonel, Frigate Captain, Vice Commodore: $1,214,052
  • Major, Lieutenant Commander: $956,472
  • Captain, Lieutenant: $792,148
  • First Lieutenant, Frigate Lieutenant, First Lieutenant: $704,569
  • Lieutenant, Lieutenant Lieutenant: $635,192
  • Second Lieutenant, Midshipman, Ensign: $575,276
  • Chief Warrant Officer: $981,021
  • Chief Petty Officer: $869,696
  • Assistant Sergeant, First Noncommissioned Officer, Assistant Noncommissioned Officer: $770,998
  • First Sergeant, Second Petty Officer, Assistant Petty Officer: $678,178
  • Sergeant, Master Corporal: $608,851
  • First Cape: $546,407
  • Cabo, Cabo Segundo: $505,732
  • 1st Volunteer, 1st Sailor: $460,653
  • 2nd Volunteer, 2nd Sailor: $426,291

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