Self-employed workers hope that Deputies improve their situation before the treasury

Self-employed workers hope that Deputies improve their situation before the treasury
Self-employed workers hope that Deputies improve their situation before the treasury

The deputies who are willing to support the elimination of the changes to the personal income tax, which the Senate approved, They would be consolidating a situation of injustice that some 384,000 self-employed workers endure.

And it is that, by eliminating that reform of the fiscal package that Deputies are preparing to discuss this week, the current situation in which A self-employed person begins to pay the tax with a monthly income of $408,000, while a salaryman is doing it from $2 millionas indicated by the Cedular Tax.

The gap against independent workers, who are mostly professionals, is 390%. For the same income, a company manager does not pay taxes, while his accountant does have to.

The modifications that were in the original package modified by the Senate and that deputies who support the ruling party should repay, reduces the gap to 30%.

This would be achieved because when the Cedular Tax is repealed and Profits of the fourth category are restored, an employee would begin to pay the tax from a pocket salary of $1,495,000 per month, while the self-employed person would do it from a net income of $1,159,000.

There are differences between workers in a dependent relationship and the self-employed that, in some way, would justify some starting to pay taxes from lower amounts. It is because the salaried employee has a smaller universe of possible deductions than the self-employed person.

A professional Independent may include a greater amount of expenses and discount them, as they appear as costs for the performance of their professional activity.

Earnings Reform for self-employed workers: what the specialists say

In that sense, Mario Volman, a tax expert and professor at the UBA, maintained that “the home office, for example, allows the cost of the Internet connection and even VAT to be included as deductions, if the independent is registered responsible.” Volman considers that expenses, such as a printer or a notebook, can also be included as Income Tax deductions for the self-employed, in addition to the traditional ones, such as wife and children.

In a way, even maintaining the differences, the fiscal package in its original state came to close the gap. Even so, the university professor considers that “There should be no differences” between one category and another. The new text also unified the tables of categories and deductions, so that the situation of both types of taxpayers was better matched.

Gabriela Russo, head of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires, pointed to Ambit that beyond the modifications analyzed by Congress, “Professionals have uncertainty because this year’s tax is still pending.” It must be remembered that the tax closes in June, with the annual payment if applicable, but that, this year, the AFIP postponed the expiration until the end of August, waiting for a law to be passed.

Sebastián Domínguez from SDC Tax Advisors He commented, for his part, that if he returned to the original text, “The situation of the self-employed would be greatly improved.” Domínguez considered that the independents “they are more helpless” compared to employees who, due to pressure from the unions, can get improvements to pay less.

According to the last report from the Labor Panorama of the Ministry of Human Capital, in Argentina there are 383,900 self-employed workers, 4.1% less than in February 2023. In the world of independents, the monotributistas, with a total of 2,092,800 and social monotributistas with 620,000.

If the deputies manage to insist on the original text and, in turn, the law does not become bogged down in a judicial tangle, as some legislators warn, the current annual net profit amount of $4.9 million would increase to $13.9 million.

It also happens that when the Senate erased the Earnings reform, eliminated the patches that had been introduced to accommodate the 2023 numbers, both employees and self-employed. And at that time, the then Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, ordered that the AFIP not collect taxes. Technically, taxpayers now have a debt with the treasury.

Source: Ambito

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