The Government appointed Agustín Pesce to the BICE after his time at the BCRA

The Government appointed Agustín Pesce to the BICE after his time at the BCRA
The Government appointed Agustín Pesce to the BICE after his time at the BCRA

The former director of the Central Bank thus joins the team of men close to Luis Caputo who are already part of the Board of Directors of the public development bank.

The Executive Branch appointed another man close to Luis Caputo, Agustín Pescein the position of Principal Director of the Investment and Foreign Trade Bank Limited Company (BICE) with a mandate in force during 2024 and 2025. It did so through Decree 539/2024 with the signatures of the Minister of Economy and the President, Javier Milei.

Two weeks ago after the approval of the Bases law, Pesce resigned from his position as director of the Central Bank (BCRA). The Government accepted his resignation from his position as director and thanked him for the “valuable services provided in the performance of his position.” In his place, he was appointed Federico Furiase another man close to the Minister of Economy “to complete the period of law that will expire on September 23, 2028.” These decisions were made effective through the Decree 533/2024.

Who is Agustín Pesce

Agustín Pesce, shares a last name with the former director of the Central Bank Miguel Pesce but they are not related. He is a lawyer with a postgraduate degree in Economic Administrative Law at the UCA, who served years ago as second vice president of Banco Nación and director of Red Link, Nación Reaseguros and Prisma Medios de Pagos. He was also substitute director at the Association of Argentine Banks (ADEBA) and director of the Administrative Sanctioning Regime in the Financial Information Unit (UIF).

Another man from Luis Caputo to BICE

Pesce joins the team of three that Caputo had already formed at BICE two weeks ago, composed of Felipe Núñez, Martín Vauthier and Augusto Ardiles Díaz.

Martin Vauthieralso close to Caputo, was appointed to the BICE Board of Directors and was part of the consulting firm Anker Latinoamerica with Caputo.

Another of the designations in the BICE is that of Augusto Ardiles Diaza lawyer graduated from UNLP, who completed a master’s degree in Law and Economics at the Universidad Di Tella, was an advisor to Federico Sturzenegger both in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Central Bank. He also joined Luciano Laspina’s team, advising Patricia Bullrich on economic matters during last year’s presidential campaign.

The appointments appear after BICE went through an internal crisis with the presentation of the resignation of Juan Manuel Troncosothree months after being appointed by Milei.

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