La Rioja will pay part of July salaries with quasi-currencies

La Rioja will pay part of July salaries with quasi-currencies
La Rioja will pay part of July salaries with quasi-currencies

The governor of The Rioja, Ricardo Quintelareported that starting in July the Debt Cancellation Bonds (BOCADE) in that province in northern Argentina. He also added that the highest-ranking officials will be the first to receive a portion of their salary through the aforementioned local currency known as the “Chacho”in honor of the leader Ángel Vicente Peñaloza.

Previously, the Riojan Legislature had approved by a large majority in January the issuance of quasi-currencies for $22.5 billion. One of the main objectives of the project was to allocate 30% to pay the salaries of public employees in the northwest Argentine province.

At that time, Quintela justified the need to issue the quasi-currency based on the debt that the national government has with his province for shared funds which, according to him, stopped being paid in mid-November 2023, after the runoff election.

Part of October, November and December was stopped paying. That makes an approximate amount of 9.3 billion pesos. To that we have to add the January quota, another 3.7 billion pesos from January. La Rioja cannot do without that money because it is part of the co-participation, of the resources that are part of the provinces,” said the leader who is also the head of the PJ in La Rioja.

These funds, Quintela explained, have to do with acompensation that has been given to the province since 1999 as a result of the reduction of one point from the co-participable funds that corresponded to it, ordered in 1988 by then-president Raúl Alfonsín.


The provincial government presented the “chachos”

Quintela’s advertisement in X

The provincial leader used social networks to highlight the news: “In the month of July The circulation of the Debt Cancellation Bonds will begin. The first to receive part of their salary in this way they will be higher ranking officials; Governor, vice-governor, ministers, secretaries and undersecretaries will receive 100 thousand pesos of their total salary with BOCADE, while general directors will receive 50 thousand pesos.”

“I also request the Judicial Branch, the Legislative Branch and members of the Court of Accounts to implement the same measure with officials, deputies and judges of the TSJ“, added the governor of La Rioja in the same vein.

Furthermore, Ricardo Quintela highlighted: “For the rest of the workers, in the month of August we will make the single payment of a Bonus of 50 thousand pesos that will be paid in BOCADE.”

On the other hand, in the same publication that he shared on his networks, the Rioja president emphasized: “We have decided to make an increase in the settlement of the Complementary Annual Salary (half bonus) that will be paid in the month of July, adding non-remunerative items that “Previously they were excluded from the SAC of workers.”

“Thus we reaffirm our commitment to to value the work and salary of those who provide services to the Statecontributing to consumption and the economic reactivation of the province,” concluded the governor of northwest Argentina.


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