What is the deadline to pay the Christmas bonus?

What is the deadline to pay the Christmas bonus?
What is the deadline to pay the Christmas bonus?

Workers in private homes have the right to collect half bonus corresponding to the sixth month of the year regardless the number of working hours. That is to say, there is no minimum number of hours established to access the complementary salary, but it corresponds to all workers.

In that context, the Union of Domestic Helpers (UPACP) offered a complete guide on the calculation and payment of the Annual Supplementary Salary (SAC), commonly known as “bonus”.

The union emphasized that it is mandatory for employers to settle this additional bonus every six months. The SAC is calculated as 50% of the highest salary of the last semesterapplicable to both formally registered employees and those who are not.

Regarding the deadline for the payment of the Christmas bonus to domestic workers, this must be made before Sunday, June 30, 2024. According to the law, this period can be extended up to four additional business days, that is, until Thursday, July 4.

If the domestic employee’s services are less than six months, The bonus must be settled proportionally to the months worked, as established by the Employment Contract Law.

Extra domestic employees

The economic benefit must also be paid in December. Applying the same bonus payment formula.

How much does a domestic worker earn in June 2024?

The National Commission for Domestic Work (CNTCP) reported that the domestic workers will receive a 7% increase on May salaries, which will be received starting June 10. Payments will be made according to the completion of each worker’s DNI.

He minimum salary For June, the amount was set at $389,163 without withdrawal for supervisors, $361,322 for personnel with special tasks. With withdrawal, meanwhile, the amounts are $349,374 and $316,688 respectively.

In the case of those who perform general tasks, they will earn $284,794 with withdrawal; without withdrawal it will be $316,688. For employees who are responsible for assisting and caring for people, a minimum floor of $316,688 with retirement and $352,915 without was agreed.


How the bonus is calculated.

How the bonus is calculated.

Added to this is the bonus which, according to what is established by law, Registered employees must earn an amount that is considered 50% of the best salary of its category during the last semester, between January and June in this first stage of the year.

To know the corresponding amount, Divide the monthly salary by 12 and then you have to multiply the result by the number of months worked.

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