employment, state and taxation, among others

employment, state and taxation, among others
employment, state and taxation, among others

“As in the last two editions of the Colloquium, in 2022 and 2023, we will present concrete proposals,” said IDEA.

The 60th IDEA Colloquium will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Mar del Plata

He Institute for Business Development of Argentina (IDEA) will make his 60th Colloquium the next October 16, 17 and 18 at the Sheraton Hotel in Mar del Plata, entitled: ”If not now when. Transform. Invest. Hold”.

In this way, they announced the themes that will be discussed at the event, in which a group of more than 50 CEOs has been working since March of this year on the development of concrete proposals for the development of Argentina’s insertion in the world and competitiveness; employment; social issues; the role of the State; and fiscal issues.

”The IDEA Colloquium celebrates six decades as the main voice of Argentine business leadership. “Argentina is going through a new era where it is possible to address the origin of the problems that concern us Argentines: economic stagnation, the generation of formal private employment, poverty and inflation,” he explained. Gabriela Renaudopresident of the 60th Colloquium and group country manager of Visa Argentina and Southern Cone.

In addition, the role of the entrepreneur, who generates competitiveness, employment, adds value and, in this way, builds the development of Argentina, will be revalued and vindicated with the debate about “how to lead the construction of the future of our country will require the voice of those who bet and found companies and the drive of new entrepreneurs who break paradigms,” he added.

The meaning of the title ”If not now, when? Transform. Invest. Sustain.”

From IDEA, the choice of the title of the Colloquium expresses the tension of the stage that Argentina is going through today, incorporates the sense of urgency to respond to the challenges and is an invitation to do something different.

The words “transform, invest and sustain” mentioned in the title define the depth of the changes that Argentina needs; the commitment of businessmen to build a better country by generating value, employment and competitiveness; and the need to take on these challenges in the long term.

Daniel Gonzalez, Executive Director of the institute, gave more details: “As in the last two editions of the Colloquium, in 2022 and 2023, we are going to present concrete proposals. More than 50 CEOs were grouped into thematic cells and meet periodically with the accompaniment of experts technicians in each subject. This year, in addition, business owners have a central role in the generation of content.”

60th IDEA Colloquium: thematic axes and their leaders

  • Argentina’s insertion in the world and competitiveness: Sofia VagoCEO of Accenture Argentina.
  • Employment: Eduardo LopardoGeneral Manager of Arcos Dorados.
  • Social: Marcelo Tarakdjian2nd Vice President of IDEA and CEO of Telefónica Movistar Argentina.
  • Role of the State: Eduardo Bastittafounder of +Colonia and co-founder of Plaza Logística.
  • Fiscal: Martin Ticinesepresident at Quilmes Brewery and Malting House.

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