Water, rent, prepaid health plans, transportation and telecommunications: July increases

Water, rent, prepaid health plans, transportation and telecommunications: July increases
Water, rent, prepaid health plans, transportation and telecommunications: July increases

50% increase in water rates in the province of Buenos Aires

The service fee will increase by fifty% starting in July in 94 cities in the Province of Buenos Aires (PBA). The increase was communicated by the supplier company Waters of Buenos Aires SA (ABSA).

The increase completes the tariff update planned in 250% presented by the company and authorized by the government of Axel Kicillof. To implement it, a scheme was established that was divided into two sections: the first increase was applied in May and was 200% and the second, which is 50%, will come in July.

The new adjustment in water bills will bring the value of the module or cubic meter to $72.54. Thus, The average bill will amount to $3,656.62 per month.

The supplier company reports that this second stage of tariff adjustment, “the 47.4% of the users will have an increase of less than $1,000 monthlyhe 41.5% from among $1,001 and $2,000he 8.7% from among $2,001 and $3,000and the 2.4%, of over $3,000″.

Subway increase in CABA

In May, the Buenos Aires Justice ordered the suspension of the increase in subway and premetro fare until Wednesday, July 10 inclusivewhen the tariff situation should be reassessed.

If the increase is applied, the ticket would become valid from $650 to $757. It would be the last increase applied to the subway service until 2024.

Rental contract update

Despite the repeal of the rental law 2020all signed housing rental contracts between July 2020 and October 17, 2023 will continue to regulate the regulations until their completion.

Thus, the law 27,551 establishes that the Index of Lease Contracts (ICL) published by the BCRA It is the indicator used to annually update current contracts. In this way, tenants who face an adjustment in July 2024, after a year without changes, will have to calculate an increase of 344.4%, approximately.

Fuel rise

The Minister of Economy, Luis Caputodecided to postpone again the entry into force of most of the increase in fuel taxes planned for July 1. Despite the measure, gasoline and diesel will increase up to 7% from next Mondayas reported Ambit.

Currently, the YPF super gasoline In the city of Buenos Aires it is worth $905, Meanwhile he grade 2 diesel costs $941. If an increase of around 6% averagethese two fuel variants will be valid $960 and almost $1,000respectively.

While, YPF Premium gasoline that costs today $1,117 the liter will cost about $1,300,and grade 3 diesel will rise $1,196 to $1,270 approximately.

Telecommunications deregulation

The Government also ordered the elimination of the bumpers on the values ​​of the services of Internet, cell phones and wire.

The ruling party justifies this measure by the fact that, between August 2020, when DNU 690/20 was issued, which classified them as essential services, and December 2023, the accumulated inflation it was of 948%while telecommunications bills were up a 662% and the Increases authorized by ENACOM they were only from 249%.

However, the increase above the regulated updates occurred thanks to the precautionary measure applied to telecommunications companies. Now, by law, they can set the price they want and, to Julythe main companies in the sector have already announced that they will increase around one 6% depending on the operator.

Freeing up the price of prepaid medical plans

On the other hand, also after a deregulatory chapter that went through the prepaid medicinecompanies will be able to raise the invoice again according to their cost structure and not in line with the CPI.

In that sense, the increases in some cases almost double the last inflation percentage, which was 4.12%, since the average increase Of the ten companies that concentrate 90% of the members, it is 7.69%.

Source: Ambito

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