These are the 7 dollar bills that will be legal tender in 2024

These are the 7 dollar bills that will be legal tender in 2024
These are the 7 dollar bills that will be legal tender in 2024

He American dollar It remains the preferred currency to use as a store of value among Argentines. Although it is true that it also suffers from a devaluation, it is much smaller if we compare it with the Argentine peso. Currently there are 7 valid bills in circulation.

Below, we will detail what they are and their main characteristics to avoid any type of confusion or possibility of scam.


Dollar bill: what are the 7 legal tender denominations in 2024

In the year 2024, as reported by the United States Federal Reserve (FED), there are 7 banknotes of different nominal values ​​valid for economic transactions. These bills range from 1 dollar up to 100.

In addition to those mentioned, there are the 2 dollar bill, the 5 dollar bill, then there are 10, 20, 50 and finally the one with the highest nominal value at present is the 100 dollars.

1 dollar bill

The first of them was issued in 1963 and has the portrait of George Washington on the front, within an oval supported by laurel branches. To its left is the seal of the Federal Reserve, the bank where it was issued and the sequential number, which can also be seen at the ends. To the right is the seal of the United States Department of the Treasury with the symbol of the scales, which represents justice.

On the reverse, the Great Seal of the United States is visible both to the left and right of the word ONE, while on the ends this same word can be seen superimposed with the number 1.

2 dollar bill

On the obverse you can see the portrait of Thomas Jefferson, repeating the seals of the FED and the Treasury Department on its sides. The reverse features an engraving of the painting “The Declaration of Independence” by John Trumbull and the number 2 on the 4 ends.

5 dollar bill

The current $5 bill came into use in 2008. The front features a portrait of Abraham Lincoln and a purple and gray background. It has the same stamps as the others and the number 5 on each side. The back features the Abraham Lincoln Memorial.

A 10 dollar bill

This bill entered circulation in 2006 and, unlike the previous one, has a background with subtle colors ranging from yellow to orange and red. The portrait features Alexander Hamilton and is visible on both sides of the bill if held up to the light. The number 10 in the lower right corner changes color when moved. And on the reverse side, you can see the United States Treasury Building.

20 dollar bill

The current style of this copy came into effect in 2003. The background has subtle colors of green and peach. The portrait on the obverse is former president and founder of the Democratic Party Andrew Jackson. The White House appears on the reverse.

50 dollar bill

The current style of this banknote came into effect in 2004. The background subtly presents the colors blue and red. It features the portrait of Ulysses S. Grant which is also visible from both sides if held up to the light. The number 50 on the far right changes color and the United States Capitol appears on the reverse.

100 dollar bill

The current $100 bill was designed and issued in 2013. It has additional security features such as the 3-D stripe, a color-changing bell inside the inkwell, a watermark on the portrait of Benjamin Franklin that is visible on both sides when held up to the light. The reverse features a portrait of Independence Hall, an American national monument located in Philadelphia. It is the site where the United States Declaration of Independence was debated and adopted.

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