The suspension of export duties on the dairy industry is extended for one year

The suspension of export duties on the dairy industry is extended for one year
The suspension of export duties on the dairy industry is extended for one year

According to the DNU published on Monday, this measure caused an increase in the export volumes of dairy products. What products does it include?

The Government extended for one year the suspension of withholdings from the dairy sector. Through the Decree 557/2024the Executive Branch decided to continue until June 30, 2025 with the benefit, which granted Alberto Fernandez.

The Government argued that as a result of this measure, a gradual but constant increase was observed for certain dairy products and their derivatives. year-on-year growth in export volumes of dairy products. “This is despite having lower average export prices than in previous months, showing that the possibility of carrying out operations has increased, with greater protection from fluctuations in the international price,” the decree argues.

Exports: Why was it decided to extend the suspension of DEX for the dairy industry?

He also highlighted that, along with the devaluation, a positive impact on improving the price paid to the producer and in the profitability of the average dairy farm. “Future prospects show an increase in production levels, due to improved weather conditions, promoting the growth of the dairy market as a whole for its different players, as well as the development and incentive of production and the addition of national value, boosting sales to domestic and foreign markets,” the decree states.

As for the export refunds, The Government said that it was evident that the return of said refunds would not only imply a high expenditure for the State in a period of optimization and reduction of public spending, but would also disrupt the development of a transparent and competitive dairy market.

For this reason, decided to keep the level of the Export Refund (ER) at 0% applicable to dairy products that promotes a profitable, transparent and competitive dairy market. “It provides greater predictability to the market, maintaining the same conditions as the last period,” said the Government.

DEX Suspension: What Dairy Products Does It Include?

The decree establishes: “It is necessary to extend until June 30, 2025, inclusive, the level of Export Refund (RE) provided for in Article 2 of Decree No. 9/24, applicable to products made with milk.bovine milk, milk-based beverages, casein and its derivatives covered by the benefit of the suspension of the Export Duty rate.”

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