Banks and companies from the region meet to discuss sustainability and inclusion in Buenos Aires

Banks and companies from the region meet to discuss sustainability and inclusion in Buenos Aires
Banks and companies from the region meet to discuss sustainability and inclusion in Buenos Aires

It will be an opportunity to learn first-hand about the progress and success stories of regional banks and companies.


The sustainability It is a global challenge that requires joint action from all those involved. With this definition as a motto and in what constitutes an institutional event of great relevance, Argentina was chosen as the venue for the II Latin American Congress on Sustainable and Inclusive Banking.

It will take place on August 26 and 27 of this year, at the Libertad Palace (formerly CCK) in the City of Buenos Aires. Organized by the Association of Public and Private Banks of the Argentine Republic (ABAPPRA) and the Latin American Federation of Banks (FELABAN)the event will bring together the leading exponents of the subject, both nationally and internationally.

During the two days, an ambitious agenda will be developed, in two simultaneous rooms, where different topics will be addressed, always linked to the sustainability and financial inclusionwhile trends, regulations and new concepts will be discussed. The event will serve to learn first-hand about the practices and success stories of the country’s leading companies.

According to Abappra, the designed agenda will also offer master lectures, workshops, interactive activities, business networking, a competition and awards for companies committed to sustainable development. “The designation is offered as a opportunity to highlight the remarkable progress and commitment of companies and financial institutions within the framework of a more just and environmentally resilient economic transition,” they said.

Among many other issues, it is expected to address such central issues as the valuation of ecosystem services, the issuance of sustainable bonds, the development of social, green and sustainable financial products, the transition towards cleaner energy sources, and the implementation of environmental risk management systems.

A meeting with international leaders

On the other hand, the call, which highlights the possibilities that Argentina has in becoming a leading player in these matters, will feature prominent national and international personalities, as 1,500 participants from 54 countries are expected to attend.The event is aimed at representatives of local and international government bodies, professionals and leaders in the financial sector, academics and specialists, representatives and CEOs of major corporations. It will also feature the participation of non-governmental organizations, development entities, financial technology (fintech) representatives and start-ups.

“This international Congress will be an extraordinary opportunity that promises to inspire collaboration and innovation throughout the region, exchange experiences and generate alliances that allow us to advance on the path of sustainable finance,” said the Executive Director of ABAPPRA, Marcelo Mazzón.

“It will be an initiative to strengthen the commitment of companies and financial institutions in the area of ​​economic, social and environmental transformation, identify the challenges of banking, propose potential solutions and consolidate a unique platform to promote direct contact between all the actors in the Latin American financial ecosystem,” added the executive.

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