What it is and how it will be paid

What it is and how it will be paid
What it is and how it will be paid

Following negotiations held in the Labor SecretaryFinally, the union announced the signing and the increases that will be implemented in the coming months.

This new wage agreement corresponding to the Collective Labor Agreement (CCT) 244/94 It occurred in a context of paralyzed and semi-paralyzed activities in different productive areas and factories.

Food Negotiation: what was agreed

The salary increase for food workers will be implemented in three stages as follows:

  • 5% unpaid in May, and cumulative on April salaries.
  • 4.78% unpaid in June, and cumulative on May salaries.
  • 4.10% unpaid in July, and cumulative on June salaries.
  • 3.47% unpaid in July, and cumulative on July salaries.

The increases of May, June and July will become remunerative with the assets of August. While The August increases will be remunerative from September onwards.

In addition, it was confirmed that the Retroactive payments for May and June will be made by July 10.


Hector Morcillo, secretary general, confirmed that they will meet again with the business chambers in August

Food workers: how salaries will be determined by category

Once all percentages have been settled, the The average salary of food workers will be above 1,000,000 pesosstarting with a base of 860.00 pesos and a maximum of 1,420,000 pesos.

In detailthe initial operator’s hourly rate will be 4,300 pesos; that of a qualified officer of 5,840 pesos in the category of Preparation, Packaging and Miscellaneous; and the qualified operator of 4,600 pesos and the qualified officer of 6,420 pesos in the Maintenance category. In all cases, items such as seniority and attendance, among others, are not included.

Food workers: sA review was announced for August

For his part, the General Secretary of the Federation of Workers in the Food Industry, Héctor Morcillo, announced that in addition It was agreed with the business chamber that they will meet in Augustwithin the framework of the 2024 – 2025 salary review.

In turn, Morcillo stressed that the increase achieved for the staff included in the collective labor agreement CCT 244/94, in the middle of a struggle plan, “reaffirms the will to continue working to defend the purchasing power of workers in the sector.”

“Just as we are focused on the issue of income and not losing out to inflation, we are also concerned about maintaining jobs in the face of a recessionary economic plan, which impacts the domestic market and is generating layoffs,” said the union leader.

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