It is not sustainable over time

It is not sustainable over time
It is not sustainable over time

After being called “failed” by President Javier Milei, The economist Carlos Melconian He noted that such comments “They do not do any good” to the president and stressed that his opinion has changed. “He didn’t think that of me or of his current Minister of Economy.“he said, referring to Luis Caputo.

Melconian expressed his discontent, pointing out that the attacks harm the President.Nobody believes what he says. I know Milei from the plains, and the worst thing that can happen to him is to change.“he said. The comment by the former head of Banco Nación came after the disqualification of the head of state for his opinions on the Law of Bases.

“The same person who says that this is impossible is the same person who says that an adjustment of more than one point of GDP could not be made.. Guys who systematically screwed him up. He never got anywhere in politics. We need to talk about people who have the stature“You can’t give me a four of cups,” Javier Milei had declared.

Melconian insisted that he would not respond to the insults, adding: “Saying that he has to grow up seems to me to be crossing a fence and it is something that I am not going to do… As long as he does not go beyond insulting me, it enters here and comes out here.“, while pointing to his ears.

At another point, in statements to TN, Melconian analyzed the Government’s economic plan, highlighting the “tax pact” but questioning the sustainability of the program promoted by Caputo. “What happened in the first half of the year was an ingenious financial plan to attack a difficult inheritance. What is perceived is that it was not sustainable over time, it was a financial plan with an expiration date, the financial plan that has been exhausted up to now,” he said.

Melconian’s discontent

Melconian clarified that his criticisms are professional and well-founded, without personal overtones. “I have been wrong and right, I depersonalize. There is no personal issue with this president. The only time I was a public servant in almost 40 years of career, when I was president of Banco Nación, and every time I had the opportunity and the president [Mauricio] Macri asked me something and I told him things as they were”he recalled, admitting that this influenced his departure from office during the Cambiemos administration.

Milei in TN.jpg

Melconian clarified that his criticisms are professional and well-founded, without any personal overtones.

He also mentioned the recent announcements by the head of the Treasury and noted that “he did not say much,” attributing his intervention to Milei’s strong statements on the economic situation. “He was forced to give a conference to be in line with the President,” he commented on the report presented together with the president of the Central Bank, Santiago Bausili.

“Beyond what he had to do, the point is whether he is in a position to sustain it. You will have no choice but to buy dollars to sustain this.“Argentina is entering a bottleneck,” he said, expressing expectations that the government will not try to resolve the situation in a dogmatic manner.

In the same way that he thought one thing about me and now he thinks something else, I hope that Milei does not hesitate if he thought something about the exchange rate regime and now he has to do something else.“, Melconian concluded.

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