Bundestag: Simplification for balcony power plants and owners’ meeting

In recent months, more balcony power plants have been put into operation in Germany than ever before. A new law is intended to further promote the triumph of small solar systems.

The Bundestag is making it easier for tenants to install balcony power plants. A law passed this evening includes so-called plug-in solar devices in the list of structural changes to which tenants are legally entitled. Unlike before, owners and landlords can no longer refuse their consent without good reason.

The amendment to the law also makes it easier to hold regular homeowners’ meetings via video conference. In future, owners can decide with a three-quarters majority that the meeting will be held in a purely virtual format. The previous right of veto for individual owners has thus been abolished.

Draft bill of the Federal Government Resolution recommendation with amendments rejected draft bill of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group

Source: Stern

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