Amex Offers: Is the American Express loyalty program worth it?

Amex Offers: Is the American Express loyalty program worth it?
Amex Offers: Is the American Express loyalty program worth it?

With Amex Offers, American Express offers its credit card customers the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive and personalized offers. These are usually limited. Are the offers really worth it?

With Amex Offers, American Express has a wide range of offers and discounts for hotels, mobility and travel in its repertoire, some of which change monthly. The digital benefits program also offers users discounts when shopping for things like clothing or jewelry – cardholders can even sometimes buy groceries at a discount. Of course, the whole thing only works with participating American Express acceptance partners. We took a close look at the Amex Offers and wanted to know whether they are actually worth it.

Amex Offers briefly explained

With Amex Offers, customers of an American Express credit card receive offers and discounts that sometimes change from month to month and are usually personalized. This means that not every customer sees the same offers in their online card account or in the app. Every Amex cardholder has access to the offers in their account, and a maximum of 100 can be seen at any one time. However, many of the offers are limited. Amex sets a maximum number of customers in advance who can use the respective offer – if this number is exceeded, the benefit can no longer be used. Here are a few examples of current Amex offers:

  • Discounted overnight stays in partner hotels (Four Seasons or Hilton)
  • Fuel discounts, for example at Esso
  • Credits when shopping, for example in the Google Store, Adobe or Vino.com
  • Extra Membership Rewards points from partners such as Hagebaumarkt or Edeka

Before one of the offers can be used, it must be activated.

Amex Offers can be used with these credit cards

Ultimately, anyone who has an Amex credit card can use the Amex Offers – from the Blue Card to the Amex Card to the premium variants, the Gold and Platinum Cards. Amex offers numerous other benefits, especially with the premium credit cards, such as a welcome bonus and annual credit for travel, restaurants, shopping or entertainment. However, these cards also have a fairly high annual fee. The Platinum Card offers the most benefits, but also costs 720 euros per year.

A selection of Platinum Card benefits:

  • Until July 15, 2024: 230 euros starting credit or 65,000 Membership Rewards points
  • Travel insurance, such as travel accident insurance, travel cancellation insurance and travel luggage insurance are included
  • Two Priority Pass memberships with access to 1,400+ lounges at over 500 airports worldwide
  • 200 euros annual travel credit
  • 90 euros annual shopping credit

Please note: In order to use the benefits of the Platinum Card, users must meet certain conditions. For example, in the first six months, a card turnover of 10,000 euros is required in order to be credited with Membership Rewards points or the welcome bonus.

A selection of Gold Card benefits:

  • Until July 15, 2024: 170 euros starting credit or 50,000 Membership Rewards points (with a card turnover of at least 4,500 euros in the first six months)
  • Travel insurance such as travel cancellation insurance or international travel health insurance are included
  • Participation in the Amex bonus program

What are the highlights of the Amex Offers?

Amex cardholders can find out about the latest deals in their online customer account or in the Amex app. There is a constantly updated overview of a maximum of 100 offers, which can also be filtered.

For example, there is currently a credit of 100 euros for the Google Store, but only after a minimum purchase of 650 euros. Montblanc gives a credit of 75 euros for a minimum purchase of 600 euros. It is noticeable that the credits always require a fairly high turnover before they are paid out. However, if you are planning to buy from one of the partners anyway, a credit can be worthwhile.

Alternatives to Amex Offers: Which credit cards offer similar benefits?

The bonus program is not an invention of American Express. Other providers also offer advantages for their credit card customers. TF Bank, for example, offers a benefits club with numerous benefits for customers, including a voucher code of 130 euros for Hello Fresh or cashback options, for example for rental car and travel bookings. There are no annual fees for the Mastercard Gold.

With the Eurowings premium credit card, users can collect miles through Miles & More and redeem them for rewards. There is currently even a welcome bonus of 3,000 miles. This credit card is free of charge for new customers in the first year, after which it costs 99 euros per year.

Amex Offers – is it worth it?

Some credit cards now offer their users additional benefits such as discounts and cashbacks – however, the range of bonus and advantage programs varies greatly. American Express is well positioned in comparison with Amex Offers. However, since the offers are personalized and limited, it is difficult to assess them from the outside – because each customer receives a different range of offers. However, there can be worthwhile deals among them that allow the user to save a few euros or two. If you want to take advantage of the wide range of Amex offers and are not afraid of the high annual fee, this is the right place for you. There are also many credit cards that offer fewer benefits but also cost significantly less.

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