Construction supplies sales plummeted 32% year-on-year in June

Construction supplies sales plummeted 32% year-on-year in June
Construction supplies sales plummeted 32% year-on-year in June

Leading companies in the construction supplies industry have highlighted the improvement compared to May. However, since January there have been sharp annual declines.

The Sales of construction supplies recorded their eighth consecutive year-on-year decline, plummeting 32% in Junecompared to the same month in 2023. However, the sector stressed that in monthly terms a new improvement was observed.

The annual decline of Index Buildwhich measures the evolution in quantities of sales to the private sector of construction supplies, exceeded that seen in May (-29.8%). It is worth remembering that since January there have been declines of between 26% and 40%, as a consequence of the paralysis of public works within the framework of the harsh fiscal adjustment implemented by the Government of Javier Milei.

The positive data was that, Compared to May, there was an increase of 9.7%this being the third monthly increase in a row.

“For the third consecutive month, we have recovered the levels of material shipments. We are seeing a gradual improvement, after several months of a deep contraction. We see this as a positive trend. We believe that the return of credit and the 12 interest-free installments is contributing to the recovery of demand,” explained the Construya Group.which brings together 12 leading companies in the manufacture of construction supplies.

The index in question includes the following products: ceramic bricks, Portland cement, lime, long steel, aluminium carpentry, adhesives and pastes, waterproofing paints, sanitary ware, boilers and home systems and central heating, taps and systems for water and gas conduction, floors, ceramic coverings and electrical and electronic materials.

Cement shipments fell again in June

Contrary to what was indicated by the Construya Index, the Portland Cement Manufacturers Association (AFCP) reported that cement shipments during June showed a contraction of 7.4% compared to May.

The AFCP figures showed that cement production was above the levels of February-March-April, but that it still did not manage to get close to the previous situation, which was much better than the current one.

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